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Country Buyer Title / description Value Published Due
Australia SA HEALTH Supply Mobile X-Ray
Supply Mobile X-Ray
None 07/07/20 03/08/20
- Mobile X-Ray;
None 20/06/17 01/01/17
Indonesia PEMERINTAH DAERAH PROVINSI ACEH Pengadaan X-ray Mobile
Belanja Modal Pengadaan X-ray Mobile
None 31/05/17 01/04/17
Philippines None Repair of Mobile X-ray
Repair of Mobile X-ray
None 19/06/19 24/06/19
Philippines None Rental for Chest X-Ray Services (Mobile)
260 pax Rental for Chest X-Ray Services Note : Mobile Chest X-Ray Services x-x-x-x-x-x-x
None 27/02/19 03/06/19
United Kingdom NHS GRAMPIAN Mobile X-Ray Image Intensifier
The Directorate of Clinical Radiology, NHS-Grampian, requires a mobile X-ray image intensifier for use within Dr Gray’s Hospital. Intending suppliers are requested to provide financial information on the basis of ...
None 05/11/10 24/11/10
Philippines None Services: for Calibration and repair of Mobile X-ray Machine
2 lot Calibration of 2 unit X-ray Machine Mobile Clinic and X-ray Machine 1 lot Repair of 1 unit X-ray Machine 300MA GE Mobile Clinic
None 25/11/19 28/11/19
Ireland OFFICE OF THE REVENUE COMMISSIONERS Supply of Mobile X-Ray Inspection Van
Supply of Mobile X-Ray Inspection Van
None 25/07/12 15/07/12
Indonesia PEMERINTAH DAERAH KABUPATEN TABALONG Belanja modal Mobile X Ray puskesmas Kelua
Belanja modal Mobile X Ray puskesmas Kelua
None 17/09/17 01/09/17
England ROYAL BOURNEMOUTH & CHRISTCHURCH HOSPITALS NHS TRUST GB-Bournemouth: Mobile X-Ray without detector
Mobile X-Ray without detector
0 29/01/20 30/08/19