Showing open and closed tender results for CATHETER and excluding Cancelled , Postponed , "Voluntary Ex Ante" , "VEAT"

Country Buyer Title / description Value Published Due
Philippines None Catheter suction Fr. 8
Catheter suction Fr. 8 pc. 2,500 50,000.00 Catheter suction Fr. 10 pc. 350 7,000.00 Catheter suction Fr. 12 pc. 750 15,000.00 Catheter suction Fr. 14 pc. 3,000 60,000.00 Catheter suction ...
None 23/01/19 28/01/19
Philippines None Catheter Umbilical
10 pcs, Catheter Umbilical - length 38-40cm FR 3.0 single lumen - umbilical catheter PVC DEHP Free, x-rya opaque, 7ml/min. flow rate
None 20/05/19 24/05/19
Malta CENTRAL PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLIES UNIT (MFH) Call for quotation for the supply of Catheter through Catheter
Catheter through Catheter
None 04/11/14 11/11/14
Malta CENTRAL PROCUREMENT AND SUPPLIES UNIT (MFH) Call for Quotes for the supply of Catheter Through Catheter
The subject of this Call for Quotes is the supply of Catheter Through Catheter. Qty.76 pcs.
None 08/11/15 24/11/15
Philippines None Epidural catheter system G. 18
Epidural catheter system G.18, 400, P500,000.00 Contents: Tuohy Needle Epidural catheter Loss of resistance syringe Filters Catheter connector Pinpad
None 13/09/19 16/09/19
Philippines None Catheter, suction Fr., 16, etc
Catheter, suction Fr. 16 2,000.00 20,000.00 Catheter, suction Fr. 14 2,000.00 20,000.00 Catheter, suction Fr. 10 450.00 4,500.00 Catheter, suction Fr. 8 1,800.00 18,000.00 Catheter, suction Fr. 5 1,800.00 18,000.00
None 14/03/18 19/03/18
Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust wishes to improve the cardiac services provided at Wycombe Hospital to ensure that we retain and increase the market share in this sector. The Trust is ...
526,000 02/08/16 29/08/16
United Kingdom SOUTH WEST PURCHASING CONSORTIUM LIMITED Catheter room construction work
University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust wish to replace the x-ray equipment in a current biplane catheter lab with a single plane system. Also to equip a further catheter lab ...
None 10/08/13 12/09/13
Philippines None Catheter Pigtail
30 pcs, Catheter Pigtail, FR 12
None 30/10/17 03/11/17
Philippines None Pigtail Catheter
20 piece Pigtail Catheter 5,000.00
None 07/08/19 13/08/19