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This notice is for Solicitation Number 36C24221B0019 - 561-19-120 Roofing Project at the VA NJ Healthcare System (East Orange Campus), 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018
This shall be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside. As a result, all SDVOSB's may submit a Proposal, which will be considered by the agency. This project is classified under NAICS Code 238160 and has a Size Standard of $16.5 million. The cost estimate range for this project is between $2,000,000 and $5,000,000.


1. Contract Title.

PROJECT NO. 561-19-120.
2. Background.
This requirement is necessary to replace leaking roofs in buildings in the VA East Orange Campus building.
3. Scope.
Contractor shall completely prepare site for building operations, including demolition and removal of existing roofing materials, and furnish labor and materials and perform work for re-roofing of select buildings and portions of select buildings as required by drawings and specifications at the VA NJ Health Care System, East Orange, NJ

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: Work includes general construction, alterations, replacement and necessary removal of existing roof covering and insulations down to the roof deck, structures and construction and certain other items. Roof area of Building 1 will also require removal and replacement of existing railing. Building, or portions of building, as part of scope of work are buildings. Work includes general construction,

Scope of Work:
Complete renovation of roofing in building #1.
5th floor roof areas 26, 28, 30 and 32.
3rd floor roof area 74
11th floor roof areas.
Complete renovation of roofing in building #5A
Modular entire roof.
Complete renovation of roofing in building #5
Entire roof.
Complete renovation of roofing in building #7
Portions at front and back.

2. As indicated on the Construction Documents. These documents for Project # 561-19-120 Roofing Project are labeled 100% CD and dated, December 8, 2020.

Deduct Alternate: has been added at the bidding period with one or more Addenda which will impact phasing, increase Scope of Work, and increase the overall duration of construction.
Building 15 - Entire roof area.
Building 15a - Entire roof area
Building 16 - Entire roof area.
Building 16a - Entire roof area.
Building 17 - Entire roof area.
Building 18 - Entire roof area.
Corridor areas connecting roof areas 15 - 18.
5 roofs at the rear of building @ the chiller Plant.
Approx. 10,700 sq. ft

Contractor shall provide base bid and deduct alternate bid with roof areas listed separately. There will be deduct alternates for those roof areas.

3. Specific Tasks.

The Medical Center must maintain its operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Therefore, any interruption in service must be scheduled and coordinated with the COR to ensure that no lapses in operation occur. It is the CONTRACTOR'S responsibility to develop a work plan and schedule detailing, at a minimum, the procedures to be employed, the equipment and materials to be used, the interim life safety measure to be used during the work, and a schedule defining the duration of the work with milestone subtasks. The work to be outlined shall include, but not be limited to:
To ensure such executions, Contractor shall furnish the COR with a schedule of approximate dates on which the Contractor intends to accomplish work in each specific area of site, building or portion thereof. In addition, Contractor shall notify the COR two weeks in advance of the proposed date of starting work in each specific area of site, building or portion thereof. Arrange such dates to ensure accomplishment of this work in successive phases mutually agreeable to COR and Contractor, as follows:
H. All Buildings will be occupied during performance of work; but immediate areas of alterations may be vacated.
1. Contractor shall take all measures and provide all material necessary for protecting existing equipment and property in affected areas of construction against dust and debris, so that equipment and affected areas to be used in the Medical Centers operations will not be hindered. Contractor shall permit access to VA personnel and patients through other construction areas which serve as routes of access to such affected areas and equipment. These routes whether access or egress shall be isolated from the construction area by temporary partitions and have walking surfaces, lighting etc. to facilitate patient and staff access. Coordinate alteration work in areas occupied by Department of Veterans Affairs so that Medical Center operations will continue during the construction period.
I. Construction Fence: Before construction operations begin, Contractor shall provide a chain link construction fence, 2.1m (seven feet) minimum height, around the construction area indicated on the drawings. Provide gates as required for access with necessary hardware, including hasps and padlocks. Fasten fence fabric to terminal posts with tension bands and to line posts and top and bottom rails with tie wires spaced at maximum 375mm (15 inches). Bottom of fences shall extend to 25mm (one inch) above grade. Remove the fence when directed by COR.
J. When a building and/or construction site is turned over to Contractor, Contractor shall accept entire responsibility including upkeep and maintenance therefore:
1. Contractor shall maintain a minimum temperature of 4 degrees C (40 degrees F) at all times, except as otherwise specified.
2. Contractor shall maintain in operating condition existing fire protection and alarm equipment. In connection with fire alarm equipment, Contractor shall make arrangements for pre inspection of site with Fire Department or Company (Department of Veterans Affairs or municipal) whichever will be required to respond to an alarm from Contractor's employee or watchman.
K. Utilities Services: Maintain existing utility services for Medical Center at all times. Provide temporary facilities, labor, materials, equipment, connections, and utilities to assure uninterrupted services. Where necessary to cut existing water, steam, gases, sewer or air pipes, or conduits, wires, cables, etc. of utility services or of fire protection systems and communications systems (including telephone), they shall be cut and capped at suitable places where shown; or, in absence of such indication, where directed by COR.
1. No utility service such as water, gas, steam, sewers or electricity, or fire protection systems and communications systems may be interrupted without prior approval of COR. Electrical work shall be accomplished with all affected circuits or equipment de-energized. When an electrical outage cannot be accomplished, work on any energized circuits or equipment shall not commence without a detailed work plan, the Medical Center Director s prior knowledge and written approval. Refer to specification Sections 26 08 00, COMMISSIONING OF ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS for additional requirements.
2. Contractor shall submit a request to interrupt any such services to COR, in writing, 7 days in advance of proposed interruption. Request shall state reason, date, exact time of, and approximate duration of such interruption.
3. Contractor will be advised (in writing) of approval of request, or of which other date and/or time such interruption will cause least inconvenience to operations of Medical Cemetery. Interruption time approved by Medical Center may occur at other than Contractor's normal working hours.
4. Major interruptions of any system must be requested, in writing, at least 15 calendar days prior to the desired time and shall be performed as directed by the COR.
5. In case of a contract construction emergency, service will be interrupted on approval of COR. Such approval will be confirmed in writing as soon as practical.
6. Whenever it is required that a connection fee be paid to a public utility provider for new permanent service to the construction project, for such items as water, sewer, electricity, gas or steam, payment of such fee shall be the responsibility of the Government and not the Contractor.
L. Abandoned Lines: All service lines such as wires, cables, conduits, ducts, pipes and the like, and their hangers or supports, which are to be abandoned but are not required to be entirely removed, shall be sealed, capped or plugged at the main, branch or panel they originate from. The lines shall not be capped in finished areas, but shall be removed and sealed, capped or plugged in ceilings, within furred spaces, in unfinished areas, or within walls or partitions; so that they are completely behind the finished surfaces.
M. To minimize interference of construction activities with flow of Medical Center traffic, comply with the following:
1. Keep roads, walks and entrances to grounds, to parking and to occupied areas of buildings clear of construction materials, debris and standing construction equipment and vehicles.
2. Method and scheduling of required cutting, altering and removal of existing roads, walks and entrances must be approved by the COR.
N. Coordinate the work for this contract with other construction operations as directed by the COR. This includes the scheduling of traffic and the use of roadways, as specified in Article, USE OF ROADWAYS.

4. Performance Monitoring (if applicable).


5. Security Requirements.
The contractor employees shall not have access to VA sensitive or computer information and will not require routine access to VA Facilities. The contractor employees shall require intermittent access only and will be escorted by VA employees while at VA Facilities. No background investigation is required.
A. Security Plan:
1. The security plan defines both physical and administrative security procedures that will remain effective for the entire duration of the project.
2. The General Contractor is responsible for assuring that all sub-contractors working on the project and their employees also comply with these regulations.
B. Security Procedures:
1. General Contractor s employees shall not enter the project site without appropriate badge. They may also be subject to inspection of their personal effects when entering or leaving the project site.
2. Before starting work the General Contractor shall give one week s notice to the Contracting Officer so that security arrangements can be provided for the employees. This notice is separate from any notices required for utility shutdown described later in this section.
3. No photography of VA premises is allowed without written permission of the Contracting Officer.
4. VA reserves the right to close down or shut down the project site and order General Contractor s employees off the premises in the event of a national emergency. The General Contractor may return to the site only with the written approval of the Contracting Officer.
C. Key Control:
1. The General Contractor shall provide duplicate keys and lock combinations to the Resident Engineer for the purpose of security inspections of every area of project including tool boxes and parked machines and take any emergency action.
2. The General Contractor shall turn over all permanent lock cylinders to the VA locksmith for permanent installation.

6. Other Pertinent Information or Special Considerations.


a. Identification of Possible Follow-on Work.


b. Identification of Potential Conflicts of Interest (COI).


c. Inspection and Acceptance Criteria.

The COTR is responsible for certifying that the work done under the contract is performed to time and standard. They are also responsible to assure the inspection and acceptance of products provided incidental to services.

7. Risk Control
Refer to Attached contract document
8. Place of Performance.

East Orange VAMC NJ
9. Period of Performance
310 days from the date of the Notice to Proceed
10. Delivery Schedule.

Submit for approval, all of the items specifically mentioned under the separate sections of the specification, with information sufficient to evidence full compliance with contract requirements. Materials, fabricated articles and the like to be installed in permanent work shall equal those of approved submittals. After an item has been approved, no change in brand or make will be permitted unless:
A. Satisfactory written evidence is presented to, and approved by Contracting Officer, that manufacturer cannot make scheduled delivery of approved item or;
B. Item delivered has been rejected and substitution of a suitable item is an urgent necessity or;
C. Other conditions become apparent which indicates approval of such substitute item to be in best interest of the Government.
1-4. Forward submittals in sufficient time to permit proper consideration and approval action by Government. Time the submission to assure adequate lead time for procurement of contract required items. Delays attributable to untimely and rejected submittals will not serve as a basis for extending contract time for completion.
1-5. Review effort by the Architect/Engineer (A/E) of rejected and/or revised submittals beyond two submissions, of the same item, will qualify for the contractor to compensate the A/E for time spent.
1-6. Submittals will be reviewed for compliance with contract requirements by Architect Engineer (A-E), and action thereon will be taken by Contracting Officer s Representative (COR) on behalf of the Contracting Officer.
1-7. Upon receipt of submittals, A E will assign a file number thereto. Contractor, in any subsequent correspondence, shall refer to this file and identification number to expedite replies relative to previously approved or disapproved submittals.
1-8. The Government reserves the right to require additional submittals, whether or not particularly mentioned in this contract. If additional submittals beyond those required by the contract are furnished pursuant to request therefor by Contracting Officer, adjustment in contract price and time will be made in accordance with Articles titled CHANGES (FAR 52.243 4) and CHANGES SUPPLEMENT (VAAR 852.236 88) of the GENERAL CONDITIONS.
1-9. Schedules called for in specifications and shown on shop drawings shall be submitted for use and information of Department of Veterans Affairs and A E. However, the Contractor shall assume responsibility for coordinating and verifying schedules. The Contracting Officer and A E assumes no responsibility for checking schedules or layout drawings for exact sizes, exact numbers and detailed positioning of items.
1-10. Submittals must be submitted by Contractor only and shipped prepaid. Contracting Officer assumes no responsibility for checking quantities or exact numbers included in such submittals.
A. Submit samples in single units unless otherwise specified. Submit shop drawings, schedules, manufacturers' literature and data, and certificates in PDF format, except where a greater number is specified.
B. Submittals will receive consideration only when covered by a transmittal letter signed by Contractor. Letter shall be sent via e-mail in PDF format and shall contain the list of items, name of Medical Center, name of Contractor, contract number, applicable specification paragraph numbers, applicable drawing numbers (and other information required for exact identification of location for each item), manufacturer and brand, ASTM or Federal Specification Number (if any) and such additional information as may be required by specifications for particular item being furnished. In addition, catalogs shall be marked to indicate specific items submitted for approval.
1. Transmittal letter must be enclosed with items, and any items received without identification letter will be considered "unclaimed goods" and held for a limited time only.
2. Each sample, certificate, manufacturers' literature and data shall be labeled to indicate the name and location of the Medical Center, name of Contractor, manufacturer, brand, contract number and ASTM or Federal Specification Number as applicable and location(s) on project.
3. Required certificates shall be signed by an authorized representative of manufacturer or supplier of material, and by Contractor.
C. If submittal samples have been disapproved, resubmit new samples as soon as possible after notification of disapproval. Such new samples shall be marked "Resubmitted Sample" in addition to containing other previously specified information required on label and in transmittal letter.
D. Approved samples will be kept on file by the COR at the site until completion of contract, at which time such samples will be delivered to Contractor as Contractor's property. Where noted in technical sections of specifications, approved samples in good condition may be used in their proper locations in contract work. At completion of contract, samples that are not approved will be returned to Contractor only upon request and at Contractor's expense. Such request should be made prior to completion of the contract. Disapproved samples that are not requested for return by Contractor will be discarded after completion of contract.
E. Submittal drawings (shop, erection or setting drawings) and schedules, required for work of various trades, shall be checked before submission by technically qualified employees of Contractor for accuracy, completeness and compliance with contract requirements. These drawings and schedules shall be stamped and signed by Contractor certifying to such check.
1. For each drawing required, submit one legible PDF file or bond copy.
2. Bond copy shall be full size.
3. Each drawing shall have marked thereon, proper descriptive title, including Medical Center location, project number, manufacturer's number, reference to contract drawing number, detail Section Number, and Specification Section Number.
4. A space 4 3/4 by 5 inches shall be reserved on each drawing to accommodate approval or disapproval stamp.
5. Submit drawings electronically, or ROLLED WITHIN A MAILING TUBE, fully protected for shipment.
6. One PDF of approved or disapproved shop drawings will be forwarded to Contractor.
7. When work is directly related and involves more than one trade, shop drawings shall be submitted to A E under one cover.
1-11. Samples, shop drawings, test reports, certificates and manufacturers' literature and data, shall be submitted for approval to:
Fellenzer Engineering LLP
22 Mulberry Street, Suite 2A
Middletown NY 10940

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