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This is a Sources Sought Notice.
(a) The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this Sources Sought or to otherwise pay for the information solicited.

(b) Although "proposal," "offeror," contractor, and "offeror" may be used in this Sources Sought notice, any response will be treated as information only. It shall not be used as a proposal.

(c) Any information received from a contractor in response to this Sources Sought may be used in creating a solicitation. Any information received which is marked with a statement, such as "proprietary" or "confidential," intended to restrict distribution will not be distributed outside of the Government, except as required by law.
(d) This Sources Sought is issued by VISN 2 Contracting Office in Syracuse, NY for the purpose of collecting information about Annual Maintenance and repair for patient ceiling lifts at the East Orange and Lyons VA Medical Centers (New Jersey). The VA is seeking to provide for this requirement within 30 days of the award of the contract. The NAICS code identified for this requirement is 811219 Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance. The requirement is detailed in the Statement of Work section of this document.

(e) Cursory market research has identified small businesses that may be able to provide for this requirement. Contractors that are able to meet the requirements in the attachment are encouraged to email a capability statement and full information to Janine Childs at Janine.Childs@va.gov. Please send all inquiries to: Janine Childs@va.gov by 12:00 pm EST on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Phone calls will not be accepted.

- Part of the purpose of this Sources Sought is to determine the viability of set aside to a specific socio-economic category. Contractors shall identify the NAICS code for the services being offered as well as their size status under said NAICS. This information will be used to determine the viability of a set aside for this requirement.

- Contractors shall also identify any Federal Supply Schedules that may carry the desired services.
- Contractors shall identify pertinent point of contact for company, contractor DUNS number for size standard and socioeconomic verification in SAM and VIP.

- Contractors shall include any relevant comments about the Attachment(s) if applicable.

Statement of Work:

This sources sought is for annual maintenance and repair for patient ceiling lifts located at the East Orange VA Medical Center (VAMC), 385 Tremont Ave, East Orange, NJ 07018 and the Lyons VAMC, 151 Knollcroft Road, Lyons, NJ 07939. The period of performance shall be from October 1, 2020 September 30, 2021 with the provision of four option years.
Vendor shall provide all labor, materials, tools, equipment and supervision of a certified-licensed technician to perform preventive maintenance and call-back repairs for (218) Arjo Maxi Sky 600 Ceiling Mounted Patient Lifts and associated tracks; (8) Arjo Maxi Sky 1000 Ceiling Mounted Patients Lifts and associated Tracks; (6) Maxi Sky 2 lifts and (6) Handicare Rise Atlas 625 Bedlifts at the VA New Jersey Health Care System. Vendor shall provide one annual preventive maintenance inspection (August of each year); 50 callbacks overall to include parts/installation. Number of callbacks either above or below will be additions/deletions to this contract. Response to callbacks shall be within 24-hours of notification.
East Orange VAMC:
Lift Type
Lift Units
Other Information
Maxi Sky 600 Lifts
extended track on two 
Maxi Sky 1000 Lift
Handicare Rise Atlas 625

Lyons VAMC:
Lift Type
Lift Units
Maxi 600 Lifts
Maxi 1000 Lifts
Maxi Sky 2

Note: Due to ongoing changes to both medical centers the actual number and composition of the patient lifts to be services may change on an ongoing basis. Therefore, the above equipment may change.
General Contractor's employees shall not enter the project site without appropriate badge. They may also be subject to inspection of their personal effects when entering or leaving the project site.
Contractors are required to comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This will include the safety and health standard found in CFR 1910 and 1926.
Vendors employees must have the 10-hour OSHA certified Construction Safety course and /or other relevant competency training as determined by the VA. Training records required for all employees upon submission of quote.
Under no circumstances are equipment, tools and other items of work to be left unattended for any reason. All tools, equipment and items of work must be under the immediate control of your employee.
All doors to work areas will be closed and locked when rooms are left unattended.

Perform preventative maintenance (PM) on patient ceiling lifts which shall include the following tasks and all required repairs identified during the PM services shall be addresses on the day of the inspection:
Scheduled Yearly Inspection
Inspect frame interlocks and hardware for service ability and missing parts
Inspect cassette gears for wear
Inspect connecting joints for proper attachment (cassette trolley and spreader bar)
Verify that the emergency brake on the drum is turning freely
Verify performance of emergency devices
Inspect and torque track end stoppers
Inspect visibility of bracket locking device
Inspect rail joints and centering of spring pins
Inspect/verify centering of rails
Verify serviceability of any installed accessories (turntables and/or exchangers)
Verify placement of installed fixed components
Verify proper voltage output from fixed battery charger and continuous chargers
Inspect complete length of lift strap for wear
Inspect slings for wear
Verify correct calibration of installed weight measurement devices (scales)
Load test batteries
Diagnose and correct system issues
Upon completion of any repairs, a complete function check will be performed to ensure proper operation, serviceability and safety of use.
Every 2nd Year Scheduled Inspection
Perform complete yearly inspection
Change lift strap
Replace system batteries as per patient safety lift instructional manual.
Repair Procedures:
Respond to callback and place equipment in first-class operating condition based on pm parameters above. Vendor to provide all parts and materials for callback repairs.
The contractor shall also provide a technician for onsite to perform emergency repairs on the patient lift(s) call ins within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving a service call from the East Orange or Lyons VA Medical Center(s).
Service reports must be signed by both service provider and Contracting Officer Representative (COR) at completion of work. An electronic version of same shall be sent to the COR. The appropriate VA checklist forms must be completed and signed off by the Vendor and witnessed by the COR or his representative
Corrective and Preventative Maintenance
Installation and Relocation
The Medical Centers must maintain its operation 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Therefore, any interruption in service must be scheduled and coordinated with the COR to ensure that no lapses in operation occur. It is the contractor's responsibility to develop a work plan and schedule detailing, at a minimum, the procedures to be employed, the equipment and materials to be used, the interim life safety measure to be used during the work, and a schedule defining the duration of the work with milestone subtasks.
All work shall take place during normal duty hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am - 3:30pm, except work that will adversely affect Hospital operations. Requests to conduct work outside of normal duty hours must be submitted in writing at least 3 days in advance of the anticipated work to the COR. If the alternate work schedule is agreed upon, work can proceed. The original written request shall remain with all service documents along with any written agreements relative to the original requests.
Contractor shall provide advance notice before arriving on station to begin any work as described herein. This advance notice must permit the VA to notify personnel in the affected buildings of the impending work. In no instance will this advance notice be less than 24 hours. The contact person for all advance notices shall be the COR.
All work shall be performed, using properly trained technicians, using tools and equipment specific to the task and in a manner that is considered acceptable industry wide. At any time the COR may deem any tool, technician, or method unacceptable based on this authority of inspection/acceptance of services.
All contract employees shall wear identification badges as provided by the VA. Upon completion of work, all badges shall be returned to the COR. The Contractor and all its contract employees shall comply with all regulations of the Department of Veteran s Affairs regulations and policies while working under the terms and conditions of this contract. All badges must be returned daily to the COR.
Holidays observed by the VA are as follow and the vendor shall not expect access to the facility s unless otherwise notified:
New Year s Day
Memorial Day
Columbus Day
Christmas Day
Martin Luther King Day
Independence Day
Veteran s Day
President s Day
Labor Day

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