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View Changes Attention:  Reporting Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
DLA remains committed to partnering with our suppliers during this period of National Emergency. 
DLA has created a Request for Information (RFI) available on March 23, 2020, located at that we are encouraging suppliers to answer.  This will keep DLA informed of potential impacts to the welfare and safety of your workforce and/or overall contract performance.  DLA will also use RFI responses to help assess the current status of the supplier base. 

In the event pre-award concerns arise, please continue to work with the point of contact annotated on the solicitation or other opportunity notice (e.g. announcements). 
Email communication is highly encouraged. 


For post award matters, DLA requests submission of a Post Award Request (PAR) when possible.
The PAR submission link is available on the main DIBBS Homepage ( under the Awards Block.
DLA has created a new PAR reason code -- VR 14 COVID-19 -- to highlight any contracts where problems may exist due to coronavirus impacts. 
The new PAR reason code will be available starting March 23, 2020.
PAR reason code VR 14 shall only be used if performance is directly impacted/delayed based on an employee’s or employees’ confirmed case(s) of COVID-19 and/or local, state, or federal government imposed restrictions.  
Supporting documentation should be submitted with the PAR so an excusable delay determination can be made by a DLA contract administrator. 
The supporting documentation should be as thorough as possible to support an excusable delay, and should include mitigation efforts to overcome disruptions in the supplier’s supply chain. 
If a PAR is not possible, email your contract administrator to discuss any concerns. 

When contacting DLA, please provide your phone number and email so we have two means in which to respond. 
Thank you for your support in helping DLA continue to supply the nation’s warfighters and whole of government during this critical time.