James L. King Federal Justice Building Fire Alarm Replacement Project

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The General Services Administration (GSA) Southeast Sunbelt Region 4 announces the opportunity for a Request for Proposal to to replace the fire alarm system at the James L. King Federal Justice Building in Miami, FL.
BACKGROUND:  The James L. King Federal Justice Building is a high rise office building located in downtown Miami, FL.  It was constructed in 1993 and consists of a twelve-story 12-story, masonry and glass office building with 6 passenger elevators and 1 private elevator. There are no floors below grade. Courts have 6 District Courtrooms and 2 Court of Appeals Courtrooms in the Building. The building’s gross square footage is 315,716 GSF.
PROJECT GOAL:  The goal of this project is to increase the level of life safety provided in this building by replacing the existing fire alarm system.  The new fire alarm system is to be an automatic type fire alarm system that meets the current requirements of the applicable codes and standards.
PROJECT SCOPE:  The project includes but is not limited to the following work:  Provide Design-Build services for complete replacement of the existing fire alarm system throughout the building.  Work will include the complete removal of the existing fire alarm system including wire and all related devices and components, and the design and installation of a new fire alarm system which will serve the entire building.  The new
automatic fire alarm system will meet the requirements of the 2018 Edition of PBS-P100, 2019 Edition Of NFPA 72 and the 2018 Edition of NFPA 101, Life Safety Code. To include any modifications to the building required for the installation and all incidental and related work for a complete and functional fire alarm system.
A new  Gamewell FCI– By Honeywell (E3) Complete Main Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with Voice Evac was recently installed (08/2019), including main panel with touch screen color display and graphic annunciator, microphone, amplifiers, Intelligent Loop Interface-Main Board, Intelligent Loop Interface-Expansion Board, DACT, all cards, monitor modules, and control modules, all located within the Fire Command Room. A new Remote Annunciator Panel was also installed in the U.S. Marshals Control Room.
Therefore, the remainder of the entire building wide fire alarm system on all floors will be removed and replaced including but not limited to all initiating devices, notification devices, wiring, tamper switches, flow switches, monitor modules, control modules, door release devices, Firefighter’s phones, and any remaining conduit not conducive for reuse. All elevator shaft smoke detectors and various spot smoke detectors located throughout the building will be removed and not replaced. An additional remote annunciator will be installed in the O&M office. New Firefighter’s telephone handsets and cabinet to be installed in Fire Command Room.
The contractor will be responsible for a complete design for the project, including calculations, specifications, and drawings needed to perform the required modifications to the fire alarm and emergency communications system.  The contractor will be responsible for the installation of all work and shall provide all material, equipment, accessories, commissioning and testing in compliance with the design documents.  
PROJECT CONDITIONS:  The building will remain occupied throughout the project.
PROJECT SCHEDULE:  It is anticipated that the design and construction will be completed within 400 calendar days after Notice to Proceed.  Notice to Proceed for Design and Construction will be issued by GSA within 14 calendar day of contract award.  Total contract duration for this project is 400 calendar days.  This includes all design and construction activities including submittal review and approval, lead time for material delivery and ordering, etc.
RESPONSE DATE:   Proposals are due NLT July 24, 2020, 4:00PM EST.   Please submit your proposal to Elizabeth Moten via email to elizabeth.moten@gsa.gov and cc Lori Fischer at Lori.fischer@gsa.gov.  LATE RESPONSES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL BE CONSIDERED NON-RESPONSIVE.
NAICS Code:  236220 -- Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

Contracting Officer - Lori Fischer (lori.fischer@gsa.gov)
Contracting Specialist - Elizabeth Moten (elizabeth.moten@gsa.gov)
Project Manager - Josh Lockwood (josh.lockwood@gsa.gov)

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