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Department Of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration Office of Facilities (20M31)
Statement of Work

Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Benefits Administration Office of Facilities and Administration
15 October 2020

At: Denver VA Regional Office, 155 Van Gordon Street, Lakewood, CO 80228

VBA Local Point-of-Contact (POC): Megan Bauer, Support Services Supervisor, 303-914-5976, Megan.Bauer@va.gov, or Lyndon Reimonenq, Administrative Officer, 303-914-5785, Lyndon.Reimonenq@va.gov
Number of Floors Affected: One (1)
Address of Work Performed: Denver VA Regional Office, 155 Van Gordon St., Lakewood, CO 80228

Building Restrictions: Advance notice shall be given to the local VBA POC for freight elevator use, delivery and installation. Deliveries and elevator usage must be coordinated with the local VBA POC, so as not to disrupt building maintenance and functions.

Number of Freight Elevators: 1
Loading Dock: Acceptable in size for all truck types SCOPE OF WORK
This scope is intended to be used in response to any request for additional iterations of cleaning and disinfection in a federally owned or leased facility. All such additional requests are to be funded by the requesting occupant agency.

1.The Contractor must wear disposable gloves (e.g., latex or nitrile), facemasks and any additional personal protective equipment as recommended by the cleaning and disinfectant product manufacturers.

2.The Contractor must clean all visibly dirty surfaces using general detergents or cleaning products compatible with the surface materials being cleaned and in accordance with directions provided by the product manufacturer.

3.The Contractor must wipe down all frequently touched surfaces using a disinfectant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered list of products identified as effective against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (see

Denver VA Regional Office First, Second, Fourth Floor Scope January 9, 2020
updated list) or another product containing the same active ingredient(s) at the same or greater concentration than those on the list.

4. The Contractor must use all products in accordance with directions provided by the manufacturer. Examples of frequently touched surfaces include, but are not limited to, handrails, door knobs, key cards, light switches, countertops, water faucets and handles, work surfaces, computer keypads and computer mouse devices, elevator buttons, sinks, toilets and control handles, restroom stall handles, toilet paper and other paper dispensers, door handles and push plates, and water cooler and drinking fountain controls. Disinfected surfaces should be allowed to air dry.

5. Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 2:00pm central time, except Federal Holiday.

6. Period of Performance: Base period of 12 months with 2-12 months option year periods.

7. Invoicing:
a. Contractor shall invoice only for services rendered.
b. Invoicing will be on a monthly basis after services are rendered.
c. Contractor shall not invoice during periods when the local, state, and or Federal Government mandates quarantining.


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