Decommissioning and Disposal (D&D) Activities for the SM-1A Reactor Facility Located at Fort Greely, AK

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The. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Baltimore District (NAB) requests capability statements from any capable firm wishing to submit a capability statement.  USACE NAB has been tasked to solicit and award a contract for the Decommissioning and Disposal (D&D) Activities for the SM-1A Reactor Facility Located at Fort Greely, AK. The NAICS code is 562910, Environmental Remediation Services, with a standard size is between 750 employees. The anticipated contract is estimated between $150,000,000 and $200,000,000.
By way of this sources sought notice, the USACE NAB intends to determine the extent of capable firms that are engaged in providing the services described hereunder. The responses to this notice will be used for planning purposes for upcoming procurements. Therefore, this notice does not constitute a Request for Proposal (RFP); it does not guarantee the future issue of a RFP; nor does it commit the Government to contract for any supply or service. Further, this agency will not accept unsolicited proposals. Respondents are advised that this agency will not pay for any information or administrative cost incurred in response to this notice; all costs associated with responding to this notice will be solely at the responding party's expense. At this time, proprietary information is not being requested, and respondents shall refrain from providing proprietary information in response to this notice. Responses to this notice will become Government property and will not be returned. Not responding to this notice does not preclude participation in any future RFP, if any is issued. Responses to this sources sought notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions.
In accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.201(e), responses to this notice are not offers and cannot be accepted by the U.S Government to form a binding contract. It is the responsibility of the interested parties to monitor this site for additional information pertaining to this notice.
The requirement is for a broad range of planning, engineering design, construction, demolition, and support activities related to the decommissioning and disposal of the deactivated SM-1A Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Facilities at Fort Greely, AK.  SM-1A is currently co-located, in the same building, with Doyon Utilities. 
Services shall include, but are not limited to: planning, design, studies, reports, permits, investigations, process evaluations, facility evaluations, analysis, compliance, construction, demolition, decommissioning, disposal activities and required training in all of the following areas:

air monitoring
groundwater monitoring and treatment technology
radiological and hazardous materials packaging certification, transportation and disposal
chemical strategies
radiation safety
industrial hygiene
industrial safety
permitting, and licensing requirements
civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical design
geotechnical investigations and design
architectural design
control and instrumentation design
Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)
computer aided drafting and scanning
cost analysis and estimating
facility security
public information communication support
engineering support and staffing

All services shall be conducted in compliance with the appropriate and relevant regulations/standards including, but not limited to, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCSA), Clean Air Act (CAA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA), United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC), Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VADEQ) standards, Army Regulation 50-7, EM 385-1-1, and other relevant USACE/Army Regulations and guidance.
All Interested Offerors should respond to this survey via email. Responses should demonstrate specialized experience and technical competence in nuclear reactor (power, test/research, and/or production) decommissioning and disposal and submission of a concise narrative and specific project examples of similar size and scope that demonstrate their recent experience in:

Nuclear reactor decommissioning and disposal
Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) and Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) services including characterization, packaging, transport and disposal in support of nuclear reactor decommissioning
Preparation and development of engineering studies, design, construction and demolition documents for projects in support of nuclear reactor decommissioning
Experience with large cost plus reimbursable contracts and ability to handle multiple large tasks simultaneously, and producing quality work, within the required time and the project budget
Application of nuclear reactor demolition, decommissioning, disposal cost controls through appropriate design, demolition, decommissioning techniques on complex projects during fluctuating markets to ensure projects remain within budget
Past performance on contracts with government agencies and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work and compliance with performance schedules
Coordination, meetings, submissions and presentations to  various local, federal, state and public stakeholders
Experience with health physics, radiological contaminants, monitoring and safety and health requirements
Experience with the preparation of environmental documents; permits and reporting requirements related to nuclear facilities, as well as CAA, CWA, NEPA, RCRA, and DOT requirements; hazardous material and waste management such as asbestos, PCB, and lead surveys, remediation, disposal; LLRW characterization, packaging, transport, disposal
Experience with post design construction management services including but not limited to shop drawing reviews, site visits and technical assistance during construction, demolition
The ability to provide temporary on-site staff for specialized activities such as project management, civil design, structural design, electrical design, mechanical design, environmental design; CADD design; remediation, decommissioning, disposal, construction and demolition activities
Experience with stormwater management and erosion and sedimentation control in various jurisdictions
Topographic surveys, soil surveys, and subsurface exploration including associated testing
Ability to obtain all necessary local, state and federal permits
Ability to work in remote environments with challenging environmental constraints (e.g. extreme temperatures, strong sustained winds, limited construction seasons)
Ability to retain workforce in a remote, interior Alaska location
Performing decommissioning/ demolition work alongside an active facility without impacting existing facility operations.
Performing decommissioning/ demolition work in a constrained environment.

When a solicitation is issued, firms will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence and qualifications for all of the required work. The Government is still evaluating the type of contract that may be issued.  The contract type will likely include some Cost Reimbursable elements and possibly some Firm, Fixed Price elements. 
Offeror's response to this notice shall be limited to 20 pages in 11 point Times New Roman font and shall include the following information:

Company name, address, responsible point of contact, phone number, email address, CAGE Code, DUNS Number, and Identification of Joint Ventures (Business name, size, and cage code of JV);
In consideration of NAICS code 562910, Environmental Remediation Services, with a small business size standard of 750 employees, indicate which of the following small business categories your business is classified under: Small Business, Veteran-Owned Small Business, Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Small Disadvantaged Business, Woman-Owned Small Business, HUBZone, 8(a), or Large Business;
 Firm's interest in submitting a proposal in response to the solicitation when it is issued;
Demonstration of the firm's experience as a prime contractor, subcontractor and/or teaming partner on projects of similar size, scope and dollar amount, type and complexity within the past ten years. Also, the firm's ability to successfully handle multiple contracts and/or task orders concurrently of similar size, type and complexity;
List up to five (5) completed nuclear reactor decontamination and/or decommissioning projects; 2 must be cost reimbursable and all should have a dollar value of at least 40 million dollars. Include project title and location, a brief description of the project including the dollar amount of the project and the work that was self-performed. Please address the following - as relevant - when preparing your capabilities statements:

Key Prime project roles (Project Manager, Radiation Safety Officer - CHP, Site Safety and Health Officer - CIH, Transportation & Disposal Manager, Site Manager, Quality Control Systems Manager)
Experience with NRC decommissioning guidance related to nuclear reactor decontamination and decommissioning
Familiarity with cost-type contracts, including tracking earned value
Familiarity with complex project scheduling and resource loading
Approaches to complex stakeholder issues
Risk management approaches
Experience with EM 385-1-1
Implementation of innovative technology and risk management
Prior work experience within the interior of Alaska
Experience coordinating and planning unique logistics for waste transportation

       6.  Ability of the firm to demonstrate an acceptable accounting system adequate for determining costs under a cost reimbursement contract, in accordance was DFARS 252.242-7006 and 242.75.
The response must be specific to the qualifications listed above to show that the respondent possesses the necessary skills and experience.
THIS NOTICE IS NOT A RFP.  It is a market research tool being utilized to determine the availability of potential qualified contractors before determining the method of acquisition.  In addition, this sources sought is not to be considered as a commitment by the Government, nor will the Government pay for any information solicited or delivered.
Interested parties who consider themselves qualified to perform the above-listed requirements are invited to submit a response to this sources sought notice no later than 11AM ET on 09 July 2020.  All responses under this sources sought notice must be emailed to the Contract Specialist, Ms. Leigha Arnold, at referencing the sources sought notice number, W912DR20R0045.
Telephone inquiries will not be accepted or acknowledged, and no feedback or evaluations will be provided to companies regarding their submissions.  If you have any questions concerning this opportunity please contact: Leigha Arnold via email – Leigha.M.Arnold@usace.armymil
*Please note vendors not registered in System for Award Management (SAM) database prior to award of contracts will not be eligible for award. Vendors must also be registered in SAM under the applicable NAICS code as indicated in the advertised RFP to be considered for award.  Vendors may register for SAM online at or by calling 1-866-606-8220.

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