Bi-Monthly Lead abatement Cleaning for Sector Miami Range

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GMC Christopher Garrison
United States


This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for work to include: In the performance of this contract, the contractor shall meet the services of providing the USCG Sector Miami Range with lead and abatement cleaning Bi-Monthly. Service is to take place from Nov 1, 2020- September 30, 2021

Location of Work:  USCG Base Miami Beach
                                  100 Macarthur Causeway, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The solicitation number is 70Z028-20-Q-1000.  

Applicable North American Industry Classification Standard (NAICS) codes are: 562910
Remediation Services                  size standard: $19.0 Mil.

This requirement is for a Firm Fixed Price contract.  The contract will be awarded using simplified acquisition procedures in accordance with FAR part 13 and FAR part 15.

The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, Best Value. Best value will be determined by past performance, technical evaluation, and cost.

When submitting your proposals, request a price breakdown of the following:

Bi-monthly cost
Cost of labor and material.

Contract will be awarded to the vendor who can comply with the SOW and within the timeframe needed by unit. Technical Evaluation, Cost and Past Performance factors will also be considered when selecting the award.

Anticipated award date: 5 days after close of solicitation, OOA 09 October 2020

Quotes are to be received no later than close of business (3:00 PM) on 02 Oct 2020.

Faxed quotations will NOT be accepted. Quotes are to be emailed to the Contracting Officer
Mr. Mehdi Bouayad at this email address.  Mehdi.Bouayad@USCG.MIL


Quotations can be sent via the US Postal Service or hand delivered should be sent to:

Commanding Officer
USCG Base Miami Beach (P&C)
Attn: Mehdi Bouayad
909 SE 1st Ave, Room 512
Miami, FL 33131.

Telephone requests of quotes, will NOT be accepted, a formal notice of changes (if applicable) will be issued in FEDBIZOPS (

Wage determinations:  General Decision Number: FL 2015-4544      Dated: MAY 1, 2020


Description of Supplies/Services. – Service agreement for range cleaning services

Empty Collection trays
Supply containers and package the spent lead projectiles for recycling to be disposed of by CG BASE Miami Beach
Visually inspect bullet trap components for wear/ damage, compare with manufacture’s specifications and inform Sector Miami Armory Supervisor of any Visual defects.
Replace and/or tighten any loose or missing nuts and bolts on the accessible exterior parts of the bullet trap
Clean and maintain the acoustic baffles to include replacing them as needed
Oil the deceleration chamber
Remove/purchase/replace all 9-24X24X4 Pre pleated filters
Processing, bagging and sealing of containment Pre pleated filters
Remove/purchase/replace 12-24X24X11.5 HEPA Filters
Processing, bagging and sealing of contaminated HEPA filters
HEPA Vacuuming (single-ass_ of each firing position from back wall (mesh grating_) t front edge of the bullet trap
Pick-up of all accumulated spent Brass casings forward of the red firing lines and sorted into brass casings, steel casings and trash. Brass will be placed in a “Brass Only” drum. Brass is not be removed from site unless requested in writing by Sector Miami Armory Supervisor, GMC Christopher Garrison. All steel casings will be placed in the steel recycling bin. All spent shotgun shells will be placed in the garbage along with all other trash.
HEPA vacuuming and D-lead wiping of interior read exhaust air handling system (behind building where filters sit), and wiping if interior and exterior exhaust air handling system inside (above bullet trap).
Impact plates: Full removal to include measurement for distortion and fatigue, systematic plate rotation to max potential plate life, HEPA vacuuming behind bullet trap, full scrubbing of bullet trap to include painting with industrial impact and rust resistant paint, and full tightening of all bolts and nuts attached to trap system.
HEPA vacuuming of sidewall 3’ to 5’ from the floor from the back wall (mesh grating to 3 yard line)
HEPA vacuuming over trap plates
Cleaning of visible lead from bullet trap and exhaust handling system.
D-lead wipe down of all exposed horizontal and vertical surfaces inside range that is considered but no limited to touchable items; i.e. gun benches, target carrier, control panel, intercom speakers, windows, ledges and air grills from the entire area from the back wall (mesh grating) to firing line to remove visible dust.
Designate a decontamination station for the decontamination of personnel and equipment.

                                See attached SOW’s for details.

Performance Period:  Performance of work is expected to commence within 7 days after award is provided to contactor.  

52.212-1 -- Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial Items. (DEVIATION 2018-O0018) Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial Items (June 2020)
52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items (June 2020)
52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions—Commercial Items (Oct 2018)
52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders -- Commercial Items (Aug 2020)

52.222-41 Service Contract Labor Standards (Aug 2018)

Work hours:  Monday through Friday, 0700 – 1600 (7 am – 4 pm) No weekends or Holidays.

See attached FAR provisions/clauses which apply to this solicitation.  Offeror’s may obtain full text version of these clauses electronically at:
Copies of HSAR clauses may be obtained electronically at

Vendors providing an offer must be registered in SAM (System for Award Management) prior to the close of this solicitation.

The vendors SAM registration must be in an “ACTIVE” status prior to submission of quote.

Vendors must ensure that the above listed NAICS code(s) are listed on their SAM registration to perform this type of service.

Request Company’s tax ID information and Duns number.
The following Homeland Security Acquisition Regulations (HSAR) are incorporated as addenda to this solicitation: HSAR 3052.209-70 Prohibition on Contracts with Corporate Expatriates (Jun 2006); Contracting Officers Technical Representative (Dec 2003) (COTR) HSAR 3052.237-72. Copies of HSAR clauses may be obtained electronically at

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