TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER OPPORTUNITY: Microwave-Based Water Decontamination System (MSC-TOPS-53)

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Closes in 213 days
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NASA Johnson Space Center’s Technology Transfer Office
United States


NASA’s Technology Transfer Program solicits inquiries from companies interested in obtaining license rights to commercialize, manufacture and market the following technology.  License rights may be issued on an exclusive or nonexclusive basis and may include specific fields of use.  NASA provides no funding in conjunction with these potential licenses.
The Pre-Treatment Solution for Water Recovery technology was developed by NASA Johnson Space Center innovators to increase the amount of potable water recovered from the International Space Station's urine processor assembly system.  Turning waste water, urine or seawater into potable water requires three important steps: 1) pre-treatment, 2) distillation or membrane filtration, and 3) transport and storage of potable water and brine.  This solution is added during the first step, consequently improving the next steps in the process primarily by reducing the formation of solid precipitates.  The solution reduces the amount of precipitates caused by urinary calcium, sulfate ions, and sulfuric acid; creating less acidic brines.  By reducing these precipitates, less surface scaling and clogging occurs in the distillation systems and more potable water can be recovered.  Also, the solution contains a biocide to prevent the growth of bacteria, thereby increasing storage time and the amount of water recovered.  This NASA technology is available for licensing.
To express interest in this opportunity, please submit a license application through NASA’s Automated Technology Licensing Application System (ATLAS) by visiting
If you have any questions, please contact NASA Johnson Space Center’s Technology Transfer Office at with the title of this Technology Transfer Opportunity as listed in this notice and your preferred contact information.  For more information about licensing other NASA-developed technologies, please visit the NASA Technology Transfer Portal at
These responses are provided to members of NASA’s Technology Transfer Program for the purpose of promoting public awareness of NASA-developed technology products, and conducting preliminary market research to determine public interest in and potential for future licensing opportunities.  No follow-on procurement is expected to result from responses to this Notice.

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