Q901--This notice is to inform prospective offerors of Veterans Benefits Administration's intent to solicit to enter into a firm fixed price IDIQ contract IAW FAR 16.503 for delivery of disinfecting services described below at Regional Office.

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B.2 Performance Work Statement (PWS)
1. Title: Light Continuous Aseptic housekeeping services
2. Description of Services: Continuous disinfection of frequently touched surfaces (e.g. chairs, tables, doors, door knobs, counters, walls, conference rooms, and so on) in two common areas between human contact to mitigate damage to personal and government property, prevent or reduce the risks of spreading of diseases, prevent unnecessary disruption of services between Government employees and customers.
3. Type of Service: This is a COVID-19 pandemic as needed continuous disinfecting service. The station will provide contractor two-weeks written notice prior to the commencement and temporary stoppage of services, if services are interrupted by station.
4. Definition of Services: Spray and or wipe frequent touched surfaces between human contact with surfaces with a disinfecting solution that prevents the spread of diseases.
5. Requirement: The Winston-Salem VBA Regional Office would like to contract light continuous aseptic/disinfecting housekeeping services as follows:
6. Tasks: Continuously disinfect our VA public contact areas on the 1st and 4th floors during our 8-hour day, weekdays only. The regional office needs continuous disinfection services onsite to prevent delays in using certain areas while waiting for the area to be disinfected.
7. Hours of operation: Monday through Thursday 8am to 4pm, and Friday from 9am to 4pm eastern time except Federal Holidays.
8. Address of Services:
Department of Veterans Affairs
Regional Office Winston-Salem (318)
251 N. Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27155-0002
9. Location of duties:
a. First floor see the attached LEVEL 1 floor plan it is the area highlighted in light blue called PCO Office in the floorplan key.  
b. Fourth (4th) floor see attached the areas in turquoise called VSC Hearing in the floorplan key.
10. Period of Performance: Base period of 12 months with 2-12-month option periods. 11. Contractor Responsibilities:
a. Disinfectant supplies will be provided by contractor. 
b. The contractor will be responsible for ensuring continuous coverage of the areas during contractor s employees breaks, lunches, call out, early departure, and late arrival.
c. The Contractor employee(s) must routinely wipe down all frequently touched surfaces using a disinfectant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-registered list of products identified as effective against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 or another product containing the same active ingredient(s) at the same or greater concentration. The Contractor must use the product in accordance with directions provided by the manufacturer. The Contractor must wear disposable gloves (e.g., latex or nitrile), facemasks and any additional personal protective equipment as recommended by the cleaning and disinfectant product manufacturers. Disinfection application and products should be chosen so as not to damage interior finishes or furnishings, including GSA s fine arts collections and murals, and historic materials and finishes. Routinely, for purposes of this scope, is defined as cleaning behind our employees and customers throughout the day being in accordance with applicable guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Examples of frequently touched surfaces include, but are not limited to: handrails, door knobs, key cards, light switches, countertops, water faucets and handles, elevator buttons, sinks, toilets and control handles, table tops, restroom stall handles, toilet paper and other paper dispensers, door handles and push plates, and water cooler and drinking fountain controls. Providing disposable disinfectant wipes and the wiping down of occupant agency-owned equipment, such as telephones, computers, keyboards, docking stations, computer power supplies, computer mouse devices, personal fans and heaters, and desk lighting, remains the responsibility of each building occupant.
d. Contractor is responsible for the supervision, behavior and performance of its personnel. Contractor must ensure personnel wear company uniform with company name clearly visible. Badges will be worn in a manner that displays personnel name(s).
12. Invoicing:
a. Contractor shall invoice only for services rendered.
b. Invoicing will be on a monthly basis after services are rendered.
c. Contractor shall not invoice during periods when the local, state, and or Federal Government mandates quarantining.

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