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The Eastern Oklahoma VA Health Care System (EOVAHCS), in Muskogee, Oklahoma is seeking commercial lease space for purpose of secure conditioned space to store supplies and materials that are required to be maintained for COVID-19 response efforts. This space shall be within ten miles of the EOVAHCS. Space required is 5,000-6,000 SF of functional Warehouse/Storage area.


The space shall be public transportation accessible. It shall have the ability for trucks to deliver pallets of supplies and materials to the space from a loading dock with the use of manual or motorized pallet jacks.
Space shall have a stable environment without extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Ventilation to have positive (out) airflow with a relative humidity less than 75% and a temperature range between 64° F - 78° F. Space requires continuous temperature and humidity monitoring with alarm notification if ventilation parameters are out of compliance. All ventilation records are to be retained and made available to EOVAHCS for 12 calendar months.
Access points to the space shall be constructed to restrict access to authorized personnel only with a security access card, code, or key to access the space. Doors are to be 45mm (1-3/4 in) hardwood or hollow steel. Dutch, half, and glass doors are unacceptable. Removable hinge pins on doors must be retained with set pins or spot welded to prevent removal. All doors must be fitted with two lock sets. Door shall be set in a steel frame fitted with a mortise lock with a deadlock pin feature. One lock (the day lock) shall be automatically locking on door closure; requiring reentry to the space with a key or lock combination and allowing egress from the room by use of a inside thumb latch. The day lock on the door shall be automatically locking with a minimum 19 mm (3/4 in) dead bolt and inside thumb latch.
An intrusion detection alarm system shall detect entry into the space and broadcast a local alarm of sufficient volume to cause an illegal entrant to abandon a burglary attempt. Intrusion detector equipment which operates on the principal of narrow beam interception, door contacts, microwave, or photoelectric eye are unacceptable. Intrusion detectors shall have the following essential features:
Internal, automatic charging DC standby power supply and primary AC power operations.
Remote, key operated activation/deactivation switch installed outside the space adjacent to the entrance door.
Automatic reset capability following an intrusion detection.
Local alarm level of 80 dB 90 dB within the configuration of the space.
Integral capacity for the attachment of wiring for remote alarm and intrusion indicator equipment (visual or audio).
Low nuisance alarm susceptibility.
Exterior walls shall be of a material such as block, brick, concrete. Wood frame and siding is only acceptable with an interior backing of steel security screen mesh or sheet partition.
Interior walls between requested space and adjacent space shall be constructed at minimum of wood or steel stud framing from deck to deck with gypsum board and an interior backing of steel security screen mesh or sheet partition.
Ceilings shall be a minimum of 12 above finished floor
Flooring shall be of a hard-smooth material, painted concrete preferred, that can withstand pallet shelving to support up to three pallets high, and the used of pallet jacks to move materials within the space.
Electrical shall be provided to support the charging of motorized equipment used for the transport of supplies and materials and general use electrical receptacles.
Lighting shall be LED.
Plumbing is not required.
Fire protection shall be appropriate for a warehouse/storage facility.
Telecommunications shall be provided to allow for a minimum of a wall mounted phone.
Parking shall include the access to a loading dock and a minimum of two parking spaces.
Space shall follow local, state, and federal building codes and regulations.
Provide As-Built Record drawings of As-Constructed conditions in the AutoCAD 2019 format or as approved by the Contracting Officer, or designated Government Representative. Drawings should be bonded if necessary and not utilize external references.

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