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A. Electronic Method:
1. Unless otherwise authorized by the LCO or his/her designated representative, offers may only be submitted electronically to GSA using the Lease Offer Platform (LOP) Application, located at LOP will enable Offerors to electronically offer space for lease to the Federal Government, through the Requirement Specific Acquisition Platform (RSAP). The offer submission process is web-enabled, allowing all registered participants to submit and update offers to lease space to the Government in response to a single RLP for a specific space requirement.

2. In order to be considered for award, offers conforming to the requirements of the RLP shall be submitted through LOP/RSAP no later than 10/29/2020, 11:59 PM  EST.  In order for the application to auto-populate the Lessor's Annual Cost Statement (GSA Form 1217) and Proposal to Lease Space (GSA Form 1364), Offerors must provide the information required by the LOP/RSAP Application. These auto-populated forms are available for review at the end of the Application workflow. All other required submittals as identified elsewhere in this RLP must also be submitted through the LOP/RSAP Application.  Also, any subsequent revisions to offer documents must be submitted through the LOP platform. There is no paper-based submission process under this RLP and paper submissions will not be considered, unless otherwise authorized by the LCO.

Layout Square Footages

A total of 3600 Rentable Square Feet (RSF) of space is required of that total 3130 Usable Square Feet (USF) includes the required circulation space at 40% (space availability permitting) and will consist of the combined office areas, workstations and/or work areas listed below.  Scopes of work for each area are defined under Design Specifications.  A total of 2236 Net Usable Square Feet (NUSF) without circulation is approximate and based on space availability which consists of the following:

75 NUSF       Entry Vestibule
120 NUSF       Administrative Support File Storage Area
448 NUSF       Auditor  (64 NUSF x 7 Criminal Investigators)
360 NUSF       Project Manager Office (120 NUSF x 3 supervisors)
128 NUSF       Visiting/Intern Work Area ( 64 NUSF x 2 )      
150 NUSF       Teaming Room
200 NUSF       File Storage Room Technical Equipment
150 NUSF       General Use Storage Room
195 NUSF       Video Teleconference Room
120 NUSF       SIPRNET Room
  75 NUSF       Copier/Mail Area        
140 NUSF       LAN/WAN Room
  75 NUSF       Dry Pantry

General Building Requirements

     1.  The space must be contiguous and conducive to an efficient layout and good utilization.

     2.  The space offered should be located in a Class A or Class B modern multi-story office building and must be compatible with its surroundings.  If not in a new or modern multi-story office building, the space offered must be in a building that has undergone, or will be complete by occupancy, a first class restoration of adaptive reuse for office space with modern conveniences.  If the restoration work is underway or proposed, the architectural plans acceptable to the Agency must be submitted as part of the offer.

     3.  The building must project a professional and aesthetically pleasing appearance inside and outside, with an attractive frontage and entrance.  The building must have energy efficient windows and glass areas consistent with the structural integrity of the building, unless not appropriate for intended use.

     4. Streets and public sidewalks must be well maintained.

     5.  Regularly scheduled public transportation and/or employee parking must be within two blocks to cover commuting needs of employees.

     6.  A variety of inexpensive and moderately priced fast food and eat in restaurants should be located within three blocks.

     7.  Services, utilities and maintenance will be provided daily, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except on Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays.

     8.  The space must be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and include use of elevators, restrooms, lights, and normal office equipment.

     9.  Cleaning must be performed during tenant daytime working hours.

     10.  If available, prefer other than the ground or top floor of the building. The space should be secluded from public agencies and traffic when possible.

     11.  A Government owned Intrusion Detection System (IDS) will be installed at all external doors and windows (if located on the first floor).

     12.  VA OIG will provide the initial schematic designs of all new facilities, unless otherwise noted. GSA will provide Design Intent Drawings (DID’s) and Architectural Construction Documents (CD’s).

     13.  Approximately two GSA-approved safes will be housed at this location (approximately 1,100 lbs. per safe).  The Agency has one (1) GSA-approved Class 5 Weapons Safe (approximately 1,200 lbs., 1,700 lbs. fully loaded, see Attachment 002). GSA to provide floor structure load analysis of intended safe location.

     14.  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for the VA OIG leased space must be separately zoned, with controls located within the VA OIG space and not controlled from other non-VA OIG building tenant spaces.  The HVAC must be capable of a minimum of six complete air changes per hour, with 20% fresh air, and meet office environmental standards, unless otherwise noted.  During all working hours, the space must comply with ASHRAE Standard 55-2010, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.

     15.  Lighting in all areas must be provided to maintain a minimum light level of 50 average maintained foot-candles at working surface height throughout the space.  Provide daylight dimming controls within 15 feet of windows where daylight can contribute to energy savings.  Provide occupancy sensors and/or scheduling controls through the building automation system to reduce the time that the lights are on when the space is unoccupied.  When space is not in use, except that essential for safety and security purposes, lighting will be turned off.  Use building standard light switches, unless otherwise noted.
     16.  Official structured (covered) and/or surface parking spaces for GSA-issued Law Enforcement Vehicles are required within or immediately adjacent to the building and should be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The reserved parking spaces should be identified by signage distinctively identifying reserved for official parking only.  Should spaces not be available within or immediately adjacent to the building, the following will be provided as an alternative:  A garage within a reasonable distance away and accessible by cardkey or similar device.

     17.  Provide adequate emergency egress throughout the entire suite and vestibule to public corridor.   Note:  For build-outs on VA and non-GSA installations the DIDs and/or CDs will be reviewed by the authority having jurisdiction to comply with all current issued codes and standards for fire and life safety.

     18.  AIPHONES audio/video access monitoring system and alarm control keypads are required to be provided and installed at 36”to 42” H  Above Finished Floor (A.F.F.), unless otherwise noted on  the Agency DID review notes.

     19.  Security Alarms and corridor camera/monitor system is required by Federal Protective Service (FPS) for a Level 2 secured space. 

The telecommunications cabling and equipment installation will be performed by the Lessor as part of the Tenant Improvements.  GSA will include Agency telecommunications cabling (telephones and network) and connection specification requirements as a separate line item in the scope of work for the build out of the space.  GSA will evaluate the contractor proposals as a whole, including the pricing for the cabling. 

All offices, rooms, and perimeter doors with keyed locks, will have a Schlage "C" key way (core) with a minimum of two keys. The main entrance door from the corridor, will require a cipher lock with a key override and a key for each office employee and 1 spare for the key locker.  The secure spaces (LAN/WAN/Server, Technical Equipment, Evidence and Interview Rooms will require a cylinder, IC core, and 2 keys (change key and 3 keys for Evidence.)  Note:  Evidence room must not be keyed alike and change key can only work with the one IC core for this space.  The Evidence Room will also require a ciher lock with a key override.

The main entrance to the office space will be to the Entry Vestibule from the common corridor.  The entrance will be determined by the Agency and local codes, as shown on the Agency Schemactic Drawings. 

Offeror shall provide the following pricing information with its offer:

Additional rent, expressed as a rate per ABOA and per RSF per year, to provide the additional “Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting Requirements for the Premises” as described under the paragraph “Janitorial Services.”  This rent component is not subject to CPI operating costs adjustments.  The Government reserves the right to cancel this routine disinfecting service and reduce the rent accordingly.  This rate shall be entered on the submittal form entitled Rate for Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting Services.

The Lessor shall provide routine cleaning and disinfecting services, as outlined under sub-paragraph N of the paragraph entitled “Janitorial Services,” at a rate of $X.XX per rentable square foot.  The Government reserves the right to issue notice to unilaterally cancel the routine cleaning and disinfecting at any time during the Lease term and, in such a case, the rental rate will be reduced by this amount.  This reduction shall occur after the Government gives 30 calendar days notice to the Lessor and shall continue in effect until the Lease expires or is terminated.

Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting Requirements for the Premises.

The Lessor shall wipe down daily all solid, high contact surfaces in Building common areas (defined here as those areas used or accessed by the Government’s employees and visitors), and within the leased Space, using a disinfectant from the EPA-registered list of products identified as effective against Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (, or other products containing the same active ingredient(s) at the same or greater concentration than those on the list.  Cleaning staff shall use products in accordance with directions provided by the manufacturer.  Cleaning staff shall wear disposable gloves (e.g., latex, nitrile, etc.), facemasks, and any additional personal protective equipment (PPE) as recommended by the cleaning and disinfectant product manufacturers. Disinfection application and products should be chosen so as to not damage interior finishes or furnishings.

Examples of solid, high contact surfaces in Building common and high traffic areas include, but are not limited to, handrails, door knobs, key card scan pads, light switches, countertops, table tops, water faucets and handles, elevator buttons, sinks, toilets and control handles, restroom stall handles, toilet paper and other paper dispensers, door handles and push plates, water cooler and drinking fountain controls. It does not include agency owned equipment such as desks, telephones, computers, keyboards, docking stations, computer power supplies, and computer mouse, personal fans and heaters, desk lighting, etc. Disinfected surfaces should be allowed to air dry.

The Government reserves the right to issue notice to unilaterally cancel this routine cleaning and disinfecting at any time during the Lease term and, in such a case, the rental rate will be reduced by the amount specified for “Routine Cleaning and Disinfecting Services” under lease clause “Rent and Other Consideration.”  This reduction shall occur after the Government gives 30 calendar days notice to the Lessor and shall continue in effect until the Lease expires or is terminated.

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