Local Supplier List for Personal Protective Equipment / Hand Sanitiser Gel

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Local Supplier List for Personal Protective Equipment / Hand Sanitiser Gel

March 30, 2020
Type of document:
Contract Notice

United Kingdom
2. Awarding Authority: Herefordshire Council, Council Offices, Hereford, GB, Herefordshire, HR4 0LE. Tel: 01432383605. Email: mark.cage@herefordshire.gov.uk. (Mark Cage)
3. Contract type: Supply contract
4. Description: Dear suppliers, We are facing some exceptional times in relation to the current Covid 19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic. The awarding authority like all local authorities are attempting to build some local resilience to ensure the supply of personal protective equipment for social workers, other front line support workers and volunteers reacting to the pandemic and supporting our communities. We are looking to identify suppliers or holders of PPE in the county or region, who are able to respond to this request and who can supply PPE or Hand Sanitiser gel (Trading standards approved recipe and effective as Covid -19 sanitiser ) to meet our requirements. The following PPE items are of particular interest however we will consider equivalent and/or alternative items: Item Product Details Masks FFP3V Valved Face Mask Glove- LP Latex Gloves Pre Powdered Glove- PF Latex Exam Gloves Powder Free Gloves Nitrile Powder Free Disposable Glove Gloves Nitrile 2.6mil Exam Gloves Sleeves Plastic Disposable OverSleeves Eye Protection Glasses/Goggles/Face Shields Aprons Plastic Disposable Apron The process and requirements will develop over time, so please keep an eye out via this portal, but in the meantime we are looking for suppliers to respond via the messaging element of this opportunity using the documents available on the website below XL sheet with the following information. Please do not convert this sheet to .pdf as we intend to compile your responses into a document for use by our delivery teams. 1. Company name, address, email, telephone number, web site (if you have one). 2. The type and quantity of PPE you have available, Specifications (British standards etc), any lead times applicable, quantities available, price list (and any discounts for quantity). 3. Whether you take credit/debit cards/payment cards, hold an account with the council already, and/or whether you are willing to enter into a contract with the council (where larger orders are required). 4. Whether you offer direct delivery, postal delivery and /or collection (by prior arrangement). Broadly we are interested in local suppliers (Herefordshire and surrounding counties) who are able to react quickly in the short term whist we look to put in place longer term arrangements as required. If you wish to donate any items of PPE to our volunteers and front line staff please also get in touch as that would be much appreciated also. Thank you in advance for your consideration
5. CPV Code(s): 18000000, 19000000, 24000000, 33000000, 35000000, 38000000, 85000000, 98000000
6. NUTS code(s): UKG, UKG1, UKG11
7. Main site or location of works, main place of delivery or main place of performance: Region(s) of supply: Herefordshire, County of
8. Reference attributed by awarding authority: Opportunity Id: DN472794
9. Estimated value of requirement: Not provided.
10. Expression of Interest End Date 19.6.2020 (12:00:00).
11. Address to which they must be sent: Please log in or register at the following portal Web: to participate.
12. Other information: Keywords sanitiser, masks, gloves, corona virus, PPE, sanitizer
Key dates
Estimated contract dates
Start date: 26/03/202
End date: 19/06/2020
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