263_20 Total Cleaning Service Solutions

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50.0m GBP
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Closed 19 days ago
90910000 - Cleaning services

Place and Environment Procurement Team
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The framework intends to provide a national solution that offers customers a range of cleaning services including general cleaning (including window cleaning), deep and specialist cleaning and decontamination systems and services. The framework will be split into the following lots.Lot 1: General Cleaning (inclusive of Window Cleaning and External Cleaning,Lot 2: Deep and Specialist Cleaning,Lot 3A: HPV Decontamination Systems,Lot 3B: UVC Decontamination Systems,Lot 3C: HPV Decontamination Services,Lot 3D: UVC Decontamination Services.With the exception of Lots 3A and 3B, which will be awarded on a national basis, the remaining lots will be awarded on a regional basis.To tender:(a) go to www.eastmidstenders.org;(b) register;(c) search for tender opportunity ‘263_20’;(d) express an interest;(e) download the tender from the website.
The provision of general cleaning services including window cleaning and external cleaning.The following information is applicable to all lots:ESPO has established a commercial trading company, ESPO Trading Ltd, whose target clients are third sector organisations such as national and local charities, public sector mutual organisations and other organisations involved in the delivery of services to or for the public sector. The successful supplier may be asked to enter into an additional separate framework agreement (the second framework) with ESPO Trading Ltd on materially similar terms to that found in the tender pack to be entered into by ESPO itself.Any second framework agreement will be a purely commercial agreement and will, for the avoidance of doubt, not be governed by the Public Contract Regulations 2015 or other public procurement legislation. ESPO Trading Ltd may enter into the second framework agreement with the successful supplier and make it available to third sector clients who themselves are not required to follow the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 or other public procurement legislation. Accordingly, this is provided for bidders' information only. The provision for deep and specialist cleaning services on a reactive and planned basis including but not limited to, ambulance deep cleaning, biohazard cleaning, bird dropping removal, chewing gum removal, flood damage clean up, healthcare cleaning, infection control, kitchen deep, cleaning, kitchen ventilation cleaning, odour removal, police and prison cell cleaning, post viral deep cleaning, sewage clean up, sharps removal, trauma cleaning, void property cleaning, washroom deep cleaning, associated deep and specialist cleaning services. The provision for the supply of hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPC) decontamination systems on a national basis. The provision for the supply of Ultra Violet-C (UVC) decontamination systems on a national basis. The provision for decontamination services using Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) decontamination systems. The provision for decontamination services using Ultra Violet-C (UVC) decontamination systems.

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