Skeleton and Thoracic Laboratory with Positioning X-Ray (ODDA)

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Closed 14 days ago
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The contracting authority wants tenders offers for one skeleton and thoracic laboratory with positioning X-ray.The equipment must have a flexible bucky and detector, minimum size 35 x 43 cm. In addition, a wireless detector with a minimum size of 35 x 43 cm will be included. X-ray tubes must be able to be released for imaging against a wireless detector in, for example, a bed. The table must be free standing with good access around the patient.See Annex 2, Requirements Specification, for more detailed information.
The equipment will be used for varied examinations and by different users around the clock.Skeletal examination of patients from 6 months and older, both mobile and immobile.Thorax examinations, standing, sitting and lyingPositioning X-rayOrthopaedic examinations including stitching, standing and lyingSoft tissue imagingFine diagnostics for example arthritis studiesTrauma patient examinationsX-ray and exposure must be possible in all positions. Inserted images must be able to be taken with the need for extra equipment. The majority of examinations must be able to be carried out without needing to move the patient. X-ray of the thorax must be able to be carried out with the patient sitting on the edge of the bed.Patient and equipment must be able to be served by one person. Good work flow, user-friendliness and intuitive operation will be emphasised, along with the equipment being suitable for the intended patient groups and examination types.

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