NMBU [the Norwegian University of Life Sciences] — SEARCH Fully integrated CT/Angio Equipment for Multimodal Laboratory

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Margunn Wikum-Olsen
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A radiology angio/intervention laboratory will be fitted out with state-of-the-art integrated CT/angio equipment and integration of patient monitoring and possibly ultrasound for NMBU and the SEARCH centre in Sandnes.Click here https://permalink.mercell.com/128073310.aspx
A multimodal radiology laboratory at NMBU Sandnes and SEARCH will be equipped with fully integrated CT-/ angio intervention equipment including a large screen, external patient monitoring and possibly ultrasound equipment. The laboratory is located adjacent to the operating theatre. It must be suitable for examinations of patients (mainly pigs of different weight categories, but also mannequin simulators and possibly other animal species). The buyer wishes to establish a cooperation agreement with the supplier of the equipment enabling joint research and development commitments at the laboratory.In point 1.1, SEARCH and its cross-disciplinary approach was emphasized. Biomedical models are used for testing of equipment, development of new methods and increasing knowledge regarding diseases. Pigs are highly suitable models due to physiological and anatomical similarities to humans. SEARCH also has a very clear veterinary medicine profile working closely together with the agricultural industry including Norsvin and Felleskjøpet and private organisations on relevant research areas within pig medicine including biotechnology, pathology and feeding strategies As an example, SEARCH cooperates with Norsvin, a company that use CT scanning as means for selection of breeding animals.The multimodal laboratory at SEARCH will be a test-lab for new equipment and concurrently a place where multidisciplinary cooperation between human and veterinary medicine personnel can practice on state-of-the-art equipment using patients connected to medical equipment (anaesthetized patients connected to a respirator). It is important that the equipment is provident ensuring high learning outcomes. Det vil bli lagt vekt på optimal funksjonalitet ved undersøkelser av pasienter med mye medisinsk utstyr (respiratorpasienter).The equipment must be suitable for numerous applications, e.g. vascular angiography and intervention, non-vascular intervention with and without anaesthesia, heart examinations including coronary angiography, cerebral vascular angiography and intervention, abdominal organ intervention including the urinary tract and biliary ducts, in addition to venous diagnostics and treatments. The equipment will also be applied by orthopedists and oncologists, it will be used for placement of stent grafts, within emergency medicine and trauma (including complete and partial scans), examinations of tissue compositions (bone, fat, soft tissue and muscle), and possibly tissue and/ or drilling sample compositions (chemical and mineral compositions/ concentrations including zinc and iodine).The equipment will be used on pigs of different weight classes and mannequin simulators, and possibly other animal species including fish and dogs.