Inspection and Service of Medical Equipment

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Closed 26 days ago
50400000 50420000 50421000 - Repair and maintenance services of medical and precision equipment

Beate Haugsjordet
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The purpose of the procurement is to cover the municipality's need for inspection and service of medical equipment and technical medical aids in accordance with need and requirement in this tender documentation and annex.The procurement concerns inspection and service of the medical equipment and the medical aids owned by the municipality.The service provider will have total responsibility for periodical safety inspections and preventative maintenance and service/repair of the medical equipment at the entities. This means medical equipment that in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations is required to be maintained and repaired.The various municipalities themselves make the orders/call-offs they need in the areas covered by the contract. NB the number of user locations/delivery locations may vary during the contract period.
The framework agreement includes inspection and service of medical equipment. In this instance medical equipment means:— diagnostic/treatment equipment with accessories;— sterilisation cabinets, decontaminators etc. and accessories, refrigeration equipment;— physiotherapy equipment and accessories;— beds, stretchers, and examination tables etc. with accessories;— bathroom equipment with accessories;— lifting devices with accessories;— scales with accessories.The contracting authority notes that the medical equipment named in this tender documentation and associated documents only gives examples of particularly relevant medical equipment the municipality currently has.The following is exempt from this contract:— inspection currently carried out NOKLUS;— equipment under warranty schemes where periodical safety inspection and preventative maintenance and service/repair are included in the purchasing price and/or the warranty terms from equipment suppliers. Equipment under such schemes will be included in the contract as soon as the scheme expires.In Annex 2 Price form there are estimates of equipment currently owned by the municipalities. The overview are not exhaustive or complete.ValueThe framework agreement has a combined annual estimated value for all of the municipalities of approx. NOK 1 750 000, altogether for 4 years approx. NOK 7 000 000. The contracting authority notes that the estimates are based on previous consumption and historic data, figures are collected from the respective municipalities, the estimates are non-binding for the municipalities.

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