Luas Portable Junction CCTV System

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Closed 1778 days ago
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Mary Hendrick


TII has a requirement for a portable junction CCTV system. The system is
envisaged to take the form of a camera which would incorporate intelligent video
analytics to recognise when a traffic light is showing a red aspect and which can
detect when a vehicle enters particular zones of infringement at the junction. Such
an installation must not require a wired connection to the road traffic controller and
shall also be battery powered so as to be easily moved from one junction to
another, greatly improving the range of information gathered for Luas road
intersections. Moving the camera to a new location will require recalibration of the
software to recognise the different positions of the road traffic lights and to
redefine the zone of infringement. It is a requirement of the system that such
recalibration be capable of being performed in-house by TII’s own systems

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) is the operational name of the merged
National Roads Authority and the Railway Procurement Agency. TII is the
infrastructure provider for Luas – Dublin’s light rail system – which
commenced operations in 2004.

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