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Anthony Flood


In the continually changing market in which EirGrid operates, the business
requires the assistance of temporary contractors to support permanent and
contract staff in various areas of the organisation, in both the Republic of Ireland
and in Northern Ireland, from time to time. Given internal resource constraints this
assistance is often sought from temporary contract staff. EirGrid is not in a
position to payroll these individuals themselves and therefore needs the support
of a temporary contractor payroll support services provider to provide payroll
services to these individuals, on an all island basis. The initial contract period
envisaged is three years with the possibility to extend up to an additional two 12
month periods, subject always to the satisfactory performance of the supplier.
Interested Candidates may choose to submit a PQQ response by registering their
interest in this contract through the Irish Government Procurement Opportunities
Portal (www.etenders.gov.ie) only. Registration is free of charge. All information
relating to this contract will be published therein. EirGrid does not accept
responsibility for information relayed (or not relayed) via third parties. Full details
of the contract requirements and the process for submitting a prequalification
questionnaire (PQQ) application are provided in the Information Memorandum
and PQQ document provided with this contract notice on the eTenders web site

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