Refurbishment of the athletics track at Irishtown Stadium

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45212290 45212000 45212213 - Repair and maintenance work in connection with sports facilities

Gary Sullivan


Dublin City Council is seeking tenders from competent contractors for the
refurbishment of the athletics track at Irishtown Stadium, Ringsend.
The works will include:-
• Take up and removal from site all synthetic surfacing from the macadam
base (5,875m2).
• Repairs to surface irregularities in macadam base on the high jump fan
• Possible removal and replacement of 25mm of surfacing course macadam.
• Install ducting and manhole covers for timing equipment at finish line on
main straight and ducting to photo room in stadium building.
• Clean all concrete kerbs and macadam base.
• Clean out all slot drains.
• Renew 2 number long jump take off boards.
• Align and re-set all long / triple jump blanking boards, and renew synthetic
surfacing to their tops.
• Install new rubber nosing around the four long / triple jump pits.
• Install new ‘sandwich’ system athletics track surfacing to all areas (5,875m2).
• Line mark the track (including marker plates).

Please see the tender documents for full details.

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