Clare County Council on behalf of Clare Local Authorities is establishing a Framework Agreement for Insulation Works Contracts.

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Marie Cooney


Clare County Council on behalf of Clare Local Authorities is
establishing a Framework Agreement. The type of
insulation works contracts to be awarded from this
Framework include contract to deliver the fabric upgrade
programme funded by the Department of Environment,
Community & Local Government. The natures of the works
involve the upgrading of basic fabric Improvement to Clare
Local Authority’s Housing Stock throughout County Clare.
More specifically these insulation works will include:

1. Attic Insulation.
2. Insulate and draught proof attic hatch
3. Insulate Hot Water Tank
4. Improved heating controls
5. Installation of low energy lighting
6. Sealing unused chimneys
7. Window repairs/resealing.
8. Insulating primary pipework.

The initial programme of works will be for 167 units
however this framework will be utilised going forward for
other insulation works. Contracts will be awarded in blocks
of up to 20 units within a close proximity and at a maximum
of a 10mile radius. The number of units or value of works
awarded to each contractor will be determined by their
available resources. The Framework will be ‘call of in
rotation’ with a maximum contract value of €45,000 on any
one contract.

Please note that this contract does not entitle a contractor to
Energy Efficiency Upgrade Works within the County as there
is an existing Framework for Works Contractors whereby
each Contractor can procure their own specialist for these

It is intended to utilise this framework agreement for
housing units in the ownership of Clare Local Authorities.

Contract Award Notice has been published in a folder
entitled 'Insulation Framework Agreement 2013
(Framework Participants)' uploaded within the documents
that form part of this tender.

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