Provision of technical consultancy in freshwater salmonid assessment

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William Roche


Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI)
invites tenders from suitably
qualified and experienced applicants
to co-ordinate and undertake an
established salmon assessment
monitoring programme commencing in
July 2013.
The programme entails the following:
• Day-to-day coordination of the
national catchment wide
electrofishing programme
• Sampling selected catchments using
catchment-wide electrofishing technique
• Biological assessment of named
salmon stocks including collection
and interpretation of scale samples
and data, and sex ratio/ fecundity
data from key rivers to input into
the scientific process for assessment
of salmon stocks and advice regarding
attainment of conservation limits
• Compilation, analysis and reporting
of all results
• Undertaking any other duties in the
salmonid area that may arise during
the period

The service provider will sample in
locations throughout Ireland with
support from IFI staff. All relevant
sampling data will be recorded and
reported by the service provider.
Flexibility regarding sampling and
likely programme modifications will
be required to ensure maximum
sampling efficiency. IFI will
provide electrofishing equipment and
specific required training. A budget
will be provided for travel and
accommodation expenses based on Civil
Service rates.
Inland Fisheries Ireland requires the
services of an experienced technical
consultant to carry out this work
programme within the defined survey
area. The duration of the contract
will be from the date of the award to
30 June 2014. The electrofishing
sampling programme will be carried
out between July and September 2013.
The remaining biological
samples/data will be collected over
this period also. Collation, analysis
and reporting will be carried out for
the remainder of the programme up to
end June 2014. Deadlines for
submission of certain sub-reports and
a final report will apply.

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