Creation of panel to advise the Irish Aviation Regulator on price caps and other economic issues

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Closed 2704 days ago
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Caroline Wanders


The Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) regulates
airport charges at Dublin Airport and aviation terminal
charges at Dublin, Shannon and Cork Airports. It invites
expressions of interest from consultants that would like to
be on a general panel from which tenders will be invited to
assist the CAR in its role as an economic regulator.

This panel will last until 31 December 2015. During this
• a new determination on airport charges at
Dublin airport is due no later than 31 December 2014.
• The Irish government has announced a review
of its civil aviation policy
• Single European Sky developments, including
RP2, may affect our regulation of aviation terminal service

All of these are areas where the CAR may require
assistance. Examples of the types of work that we may
seek include:
• Assessing the relative and absolute efficiency
of the regulated companies at managing operating
• Assessing the costs of proposed capital
expenditure plans;
• Forecasting future demand;
• Advising on an appropriate cost of capital; and
• Allocating costs between different activities.
This list is indicative rather than exhaustive. Parties should
not be deterred from seeking inclusion in the panel
because they cannot offer the full range of services.

Expressions of interest should be brief and, in the case of
technical capacity requirements, limited only to the specific
information sought. More detailed information might be
sought if and when the CAR issues requests for tenders in
request of specific projects that may arise. Potential
panellists should note that it is possible that ultimately the
CAR will decide that there is no need to seek any work from
the panel.
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