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The NCA seeks the services of a suitably qualified and experienced accounting service to prepare the accounts of the Agency for the year 2010 & 2011, in accordance with its statutory obligations.It is envisioned that the candidates will spend at least one day during December 2010, meeting with the NCA Corporate Services Unit and familiarising themselves with the NCA and its requirements.The successful candidate will be expected to provide a first draft of the accounts by the end of January 2011, subject to availability of required materials.The candidate will also be expected to present the completed accounts to the NCA Audit Committee.The candidates must be able to provide a response to any NCA queries relating to the preparation of the accounts within a 24-hour period.The NCA is required to submit to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation a set of accounts as prescribed by the Consumer Protection Act 2007 and in particular Section 23 (2) thereof and in accordance with the Department of Finance Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies. The annual accounts of the NCA are subject to audit by the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General.It is expected that the service provider will be appointed in late December 2010.