Single Party Framework for supply of PPE July 2020 – June 2023

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Shona Heffernan


Sligo Leader invites applications in relation to the establishment of a single party framework for the supply of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for employees of the company.
Sligo LEADER Partnership employees over 250 staff, through the provision of the TÚS and Rural Social Schemes. Many of these participants take part in various areas of manual labour which require PPE. These tasks include:
Village and countryside enhancement projects
Development and maintenance of way marked routes
Energy Conservation works
Maintenance of community facilities/areas
Heritage sites maintenance
This contract is for the ongoing provision of PPE equipment for Sligo LEADER Partnership employees. This will include, but not limited to, Hi Vis Vests, Hi Vis Anoraks, Waterproof Trousers, Safety Boots, Rubber Boots, Hard Wearing Gloves, Eye Protection, Ear Plugs & Respiratory Protection
Sligo Leader has a responsibility to ensure all personal protective equipment issued to employees is suitable for the tasks undertaken by them and to ensure the performance of the equipment is appropriate.
It is intended that the successful Supplier will provide:
• Product quality
• Continuity of supply of the Goods and reliable trouble free deliveries
• Quality services related to the supply of the Goods
• Value for money

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