The delivery of Kitchen and Front of House Cleaning Services, Coolmoney Camp, Wicklow & Kilworth Camp, Cork

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Philip Casley


Coolmoney and Kilworth camps provide training facilities to up to 9,500 Defence Forces personnel, in order to assist Defence Forces military training. Training takes place all year round and covers;
Peace Support Operations
Cadet/NCO/Three Star Training
Overseas Mission Readiness Exercises, over a four week duration.
Aid to Civil Power Training
Live Fire Tactical Training
EU Battlegroup Training.
The contract is expected to run from 01 Apr 2018 to 31 Mar 2021 with an option to extend for a further year subject to performance measurement review. The estimated value of the contract is circa €420,000 over 36 Months.
The services to be provided under the contract shall be delivered to the satisfaction of the Minister and his/her agent in accordance with the specified requirements as and when required.
This is a framework contract which is demand driven and services attached in the pricing schedule are an indication of previous camp occupation only and may be subject to significant variances. Defence Forces personnel at both a local and national level will monitor quality of service.
The Defence Forces carry out the procurement in an open and transparent manner and in line with National and EU Public Procurement guidelines. The procurement process for Kitchen and Front of House Cleaning Services will be conducted in accordance with those procedures and the basic principles of transparency and equal treatment will be adhered to. All personnel involved in the award process have significant experience and education in public procurement.
The tender is broken into two (2) lots (lot one and lot two), Locations for delivery of service are as follows:
Lot one (1): Coolmoney Camp, Glen of Imaal, Co. Wicklow.
Lot two (2): Kilworth Camp, Kilworth, Co. Cork.
Companies may quote as follows;
a. Lot one (1) complete.
b Lot two (2) complete.
c. Lot one (1) and lot two (2) complete.