Research and development for the commercialisation of Loop Head Tourism

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75125000 - Administrative services related to tourism affairs

Ian Glendinning


A research and development project focusing on the development of Loop Head Tourism (LHT) as an independent, self-sustaining business network in the Loop Head region. LHT provides members with a framework for the advocacy and practice of a sustainable approach to tourism development in the region. This project is to be completed over 2 years, and should deliver a commercially viable and financially self-sustaining business model for LHT, incorporating a number of areas for research and development. The outcomes should be tangible and in the form of obtained funding to execute the strategy. Potential areas of research could include (not an exhaustive list, and in no particular order, the order and prioritisation of tasks should be included in the respoonse to tender):
• Development of ongoing relationships with public agencies and local stakeholders
• Growing the membership and retaining existing members
• Developing sustainable tourism experiences/products as agreed with Loop Head Tourism
• Integrated and online booking capabilities
• Identifying public funding opportunities (including European)
• Developing sponsorship relationships and opportunities
• Developing management structures and associated processes and procedures
• Communication strategies to develop the network into a more inclusive and participative entity

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