Embedding Design in Micro and Small Enterprise

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Louise Allen


Design and Crafts Council Ireland and Local Enterprise Offices based in the South East of Ireland are looking for a project leader to deliver a Design4Growth programme that aims to:

Re-think Business through Design: Reveal how design can help position consumers at the centre of business activities and assist small businesses in effectively utilising design strategy methods for product and business development.

Nurture Small Businesses with Aspirations: The micro and SME sector is the rich, dynamic foundation of the creative economy, a key driver of design-led innovation. Design4Growth will use design methodologies to assist with an integrated approach to marketing, research & development (including product or service design), pricing strategy, route(s) to market and promotion, and scale.

Assist to increase sales and competitiveness: The overarching aim of Design4Growth is to increase jobs and exports in the small enterprise sector. To do this design strategists will work directly with businesses to integrate new systems that improve and streamline products and services.

Re-think Regions through Design: The creative economy is regionally distinct, and its full potential is yet to be tapped. Design4Growth aims to identify, connect, and nurture entrepreneurship through regional collaborative networks.

Activate connections between the Creative, Cultural, and Business Sectors: Connect talent from across different sectors to engage in the design of new products, services, and business opportunities.

Create high-quality business-focused design tools and methodologies: deliver training through a network of trainers and intermediaries and produce open-source material to be used by businesses directly.