The delivery of the Student Enterprise Programme to second level schools throughout county Wexford.

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Sharon Ryan


Delivery of the Student Enterprise Programme to second level schools throughout county Wexford. As part of the programme the contactor will be required to assist students in setting up and running their own mini-enterprises over the course of the academic year through the deliver of the prescribed National Student Enterprise Programme to all classes/schools involved. The Coordinator will also be responsible for the recruitment of schools and the delivery of the programme, dissemination of resurce materials. The Coordinator is also responsible for organisation and management of the school enteprise finals and county awards. He/She will also prepare and assist students/teachers in representing the county at the National Student Enterprise Programme at a venue to be decided. The programme has three categories; junior, intermediate and senior cycle. All participating students take a product/service from idea stage, through market research to producton, selling, record keeping and finally the production of a comprehensive report. The Coodinator is reponsible from mentoring and supporting teachers and students through this process. The Coordinator will be responsible for submitting regular progress reports to the Senior Business Development Officer.

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