Consultancy Services to identify strategic land banks in Ireland suitable for accommodating the development of large scale Data Centre projects

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Closed 1269 days ago
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James Boyle


IDA Ireland is seeking to appoint a suitable consultant to undertake a study to identify potential strategic land banks in Ireland that would be particularly suitable for accommodating the sustainable development of large scale Data Centre projects.
It is the responsibility of the tenderer to ensure that their tender is complete and reaches the Contracting Authority by the designated deadline.

The Contracting Authority is using the Tender Postbox facility and tenders must be submitted electronically via the etenders postbox facility on only. The Contracting Authority is not responsible for corruption in electronic documents. Tenderers must ensure electronic documents are not corrupt.
In responding to this tender all tenders must follow the format of the tender document and respond to each element of the tender document in the order as set out in this RFT. Tenders should produce their response as a SINGLE UPLOADED FILE, if possible, which is clearly labelled, page numbered and indexed.
Tenderers must ensure that they give themselves sufficient time to upload and submit all required tender documentation before the tender closing date/time. Tenderers should take into account the fact that upload speeds vary. There is a maximum of 2.14 GB for individual files sent to the electronic postbox and a one-hour limit for upload. In order to submit a document to the electronic postbox, please note that you must click “Submit Response”. After submitting you can still modify and re-send your response up until response deadline. Tenderers should be aware that the ‘Submit Response’ button will be disabled automatically upon the expiration of the response deadline.
Tenderers not familiar with uploading on eTenders should ensure they familiarise themselves with the process.
The closing date for tenders is Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 12 noon (GMT).

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