Multi Party Framework Agreement for the maintenance of regulatory building standards in Housing with an Initial Contract for maintenance work to Friary Court, Friary Avenue, Smithfield, Dublin 7

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Closed 1262 days ago
Closed 1326 days ago
45343100 - Fireproofing work

Martin Corcoran


Passive fire protection work to housing units in the Dublin City Council administrative area, varying housing types such as Flat Complexes, Senior Citizen Units, and Terraced Housing. Dublin City Council intends to establish a framework using the open procedure on eTenders to initially invite tenders for passive fire protection work to a block of Senior Citizen Units. Please refer to Appendices 4/1 and 4/2 of the Works Requirements and the Pricing Document for further details.

The maximum duration of the framework will be 2 years. The value of the work is estimated at approximately €175,000 per year pending approval. Dublin City Council intends to admit five Tenderers to the framework agreement.

The basis of award for admission to the framework will be the five lowest responsive valid tenders. The lowest valid responsive Tenderer will be awarded the initial contract at Friary Court.

The basis for the award of subsequent contracts after initial admission to the framework will be Lowest Price only.

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