Engineering Consultancy Services for Flood Mitigation of IDA Land bank at the National Technology Park in Limerick

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The IDA National Technology Park in Limerick comprises c.156 hectares and is
located in the eastern environs of Limerick, approximately 5.5 km east of Limerick
City centre and 1.6 km west of the M7. The Park occupies a strategic location
between the Shannon / Mulcair Rivers and the Dublin Road, with principal access
points off this road. There is c.70 hectares remaining for promotion which is zoned
for Enterprise and Employment.

During the early 1990’s a flood protection earth berm, measuring approx. 1.6km,
was constructed around the north eastern perimeter of the Park running from a
maximum level of c10.8m AOD to a minimum level of c9.9m AOD. The existing
berm is in IDA ownership. As such the bund protects the Park from the rivers
Shannon and Mulkear up to 9.9 MOD assuming that its integrity remains intact.

IDA has now established a flood mitigation strategy which is based on retaining
the existing protection berm as the primary defence against flooding from the
rivers Shannon and Mulkear. The strategy involves the raising of the berm to a
minimum height of 11.5m AOD and the replacement or supplementing of the
existing cast iron flap valves at the points of storm water release from the park,
under the berm, with modern TideFlex type duckbill check valves. The strategy
also involves the creation of 3No. internal attenuation ponds on the park-side of
the berm for the management and control of storm water runoff from the park’s
storm sewer network during times of high water in the rivers Shannon and

IDA Ireland is seeking to appoint a suitable consultant to oversee the project and
applicants are required to submit their response by email no later than 12 noon
15th September 2016.

The email to subject line must clearly state the
following “Tender for Engineering Consultancy Services for flood mitigation at the
IDA National Technology Park, Limerick”