The scope of works will involve conservation works to roof and stonework at Beesborough House, at Kildalton College, Piltown, Co. Kilkenny.

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Vincent Mc Kiernan


Contractors are invited to tender for the proposed works, which include erecting
scaffolding and hoarding to secure the working area, the removal of existing
torch on felt, etc., as applicable, the removal of existing asphalt, taking care not
to disturb any surfaces beneath, the removal of existing gulley outlets and
replacement with new gulley piping (including work to lime to facilitate gully
expansion, taking care to protect surrounding stonework, the removal of any
defective timbers from the work area, and disposal off site. Carefully remove
existing slates & leadwork from pitched roofs & parapets, storing safely on site
for re-use. Protect the exposed roof areas from weather damage. Install new
timbers, fix new gulley outlets in position, apply levelling mix (lime mortar) to top
of previously exposed rubble wall, repair around new gulley outlets in a lime
putty, apply new mastic asphalt coverings to falls, re-fit leadwork, slates, etc., to
adjoining pitched roofs & parapets. Carefully remove and safely store one
section of stone pilasters from existing parapet, replace leadwork and flashings
beneath and reinstate pilasters. Remove existing dormer windows taking care
not to damage surrounds and replace with similar double glazed hardwood
windows. Replace lead work and flashings to surrounding lead gables. Act as
PSCS and manage health and safety within the live environment. Please note
that all works are to be carried out in strict adherence with the current Building
Regulations and Technical Guidance Documents. Given the nature of the facility
(college environment), the works have to be completed within a very tight area. It
should also be noted that given the nature of the work involved and moreover
the lead-in time associated with pertinent materials, the tendering Contractor
must satisfy himself that he has both the technical capacity and human /
schedule resources available to commit to the pertinent scope.