Fuel Management and Distribution Services

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Gary Mander


Iarnród Éireann (IÉ) are seeking expressions of interest from specialised companies with a proven track
record of undertaking large scale fuel delivery and management contracts. The scope of the proposed
contract will cover the following;

1. Irish Rail Fuel Distribution Depot in Alexandra Road, Dublin Port.
This will involve attendance and supervision during all fuel offloading from ship including deliveries at night,
weekend and on bank holidays. Supervision of tanker loading for trucks delivering to Irish Rail / Bus
Éireann & Dublin Bus. Management of contractor’s on-site, completion of documentation and reports for
Irish Rail/Customs. Both HSA requirements and impeccable housekeeping are prerequisite.

2. Fuel Distribution.
The provision of regular fuel distribution movements for the delivery of fuel to nominated locations
throughout the Republic Of Ireland. This includes order capture from all bus and rail depots and the
monitoring of stock levels in conjunction with the depots. Scheduling of vehicles to ensure a seamless
delivery to customers.

Due to the nature of the services to be provided the successful tenderer will need to have their resources
based in or around the Dublin area or an area agree with IÉ prior to award of contract. Notwithstanding
this, to provide the contractual commitments, the successful contractor will need to maintain appropriate
resources within Ireland for the duration of the contract