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The business services directorate of emda are interested in tender submissions from any organisation that can carry out the proposed activities detailed in this tender. At this stage organisations are not asked to provide detailed costed tenders. Instead they are asked to complete the pre qualification questionnaire and provide background supporting information to support their submission. The four areas included in this framework tender are detailed below:a) The delivery of a Universal Start Up Offerb) The delivery of a Business Mentoring scheme (The Mentoring Escalator)c) The development and delivery of a High Growth Company Support Programme.d) The delivery of Training and Development Programmes to build the capacity of Business Support Professionals.Tendering organisations are asked to identify in their tender submission the areas that they are particularly interested in supplying and confirm those areas they do not wish to be considered for.The contract will be awarded on a `framework¿ basis to one or more suitable tendering organisations, identified by means of this competitive tender process and a pre qualification exercise. Prior to any contracts being awarded a further tendering stage will request firm quotations from the successful framework tenderer¿s.The contractual arrangements will be in place for initial periods defined by the individual scope of supply, it is envisaged that most activity will commence by the 1st September 2005 and will complete the initial term by 31st March 2007. An option to extend thereafter for a further period of up to two years is possible dependant on performance and funding being available.

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