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The East Midlands Development Agency (the Agency) invites tenders for the provision of a comprehensive Internal Audit Service. The Agency is one of nine Regional Development Agencies established under the Regional Development Agencies Act 1998 and is a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) established on 1 April 1999. The Agency is responsible for the sustainable economic development and regeneration of England's East Midlands and has 5 key priorities: Business Development, Regeneration, Skills and Employment, Infrastructure and Image. The Agency wishes to offer for tender its Internal Audit Services, which provide for the agreement and adoption of a strategic internal audit plan, subject to annual review and assessment, for a period of three and a half years commencing 01 October 2005. The successful contractor is expected to undertake: - Systems audits - Audit the controls over the development of new systems and modifications to existing systems or procedures. - Internal audit of Partner Organisations. - Ad hoc work such as Value for Money or fraud investigations. - Advice on audit and control related matters as requested.The tender specification will require the successful contractor to possess: - At least five years experience of providing an internal audit function to Non Departmental Public Bodies. - An office based in the East Midlands Region of England. - A public sector Internal Audit function with in house access to global best practice information.In addition Tenderers will be requested to include in their Tender submission the following information: - Details of relevant experience of the firm in the services required, together with some background information on the firm, the management structure, the resource available locally, and in other offices and any specialist knowledge available to the firm. - Details of the proposed approach and methodology to be applied in the delivery of the service. - Demonstrate a clear understanding of the requirements of the Government Internal Audit Manual (GIAM). - A nominated lead consultant for the appointment who shall not be changed, during the term of the appointment, without the consent of the Agency, together with brief details and CV's of the staff who would be available for use in the servicing of the appointment - Quantify their costing, submitted as part of their tender bids, to explain the final price calculation. This must include hourly rates for the named consultants and those generally applicable for the grades of staff likely to be involved in the servicing of the appointment.

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