Operating Lease of a Mobile Redeployment Centre for the Engineering Industry

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IntroductionThe Midlands Engineering Industries Redeployment Group Ltd (MEIRG) through funding from Equal Programme of the European Social Fund (Theme F) and emda the East Midlands Development Agency, aims to ensure that the Midlands can better retain and develop the well-trained, skilled and motivated pool of engineering talent that currently exists within the region. It is a regional pilot for a concept that hopes to eventually be promoted throughout the UK and Europe.The Steering Committee of MEIRG is comprised of a number of employers and trade unions including; - East Midlands Development Agency- Government Office for the East Midlands]- Department of Work and Pensions- DTI- Rolls-Royce plc - Job Centre Plus- Advantage West Midlands- Amicus- GMB- EEF- Midlands Aerospace Alliance- SEMTA- Engineering Forum- IIE- Bombardier Transportation Ltd- Learning and Skills Council MEIRG will support anyone with engineering skills and any engineering employer in the East or West Midlands. BackgroundHistorically mature skilled adult workers (i.e. those aged 21 and over) are perceived to be well equipped to find a new job should they become redundant. Consequently they are an unsupported group in the labour market. This constitutes inequality and discrimination relative to traditionally supported groups. State redundancy measures trigger only after the employee has left employment and then only if the redundancy is economically significant. At present the majority of engineering businesses in the Midlands are reporting shortages of craft skills and new graduate entrants yet on average 5,000 engineering jobs are lost across the region per annum. It is imperative therefore that we become much better at retaining, re-training, up-skilling and redeploying existing members of the workforce. At the heart of the MEIRG is a confidential web-based redeployment database using CWeb. Participating organisations are able to display vacancies on the MEIRG site and view prospective candidates. People who are looking for new job opportunities in the manufacturing engineering sector are also able to register their details and receive access to the Vacancy Section, through which they can apply for any suitable vacancies. MEIRG also offers opportunities for re-training, up-skilling and re-deployment. This support will be available before redundancy and prior to the point where the need to find a replacement income stream becomes an imperative, which often leads to these mature skilled workers taking roles in non-trained, lower strategic value jobs to the detriment of both themselves and the UK.To facilitate the development of MEIRG a mobile redeployment unit is considered a vital part of the project enabling the project team to deliver a flexible on site service to participating companies. Upon notification of potential redundancies or requests it is envisaged the vehicle will be deployed within 3 ¿ 5 working days and placed on a company site.It is presently envisaged that the vehicle will be manned by staff from Job Centre Plus, Learning and Skills Council, SEMTA, EEF and Engineering forum and will remain on site until interventions are complete. This is of course in addition to the Driver Operator who will be provided under the Operating Lease.Geographical AreaThroughout the East and West Midlands and be available Monday to Friday with the ability to respond to requests at short notice.Objectives and Methodology- The creation of a two bay trailer that incorporates interview rooms, workstations, communal areas, storage rooms and washrooms suitable for the purpose of training and the redeployment of individuals.- The successful installation of all required fixtures and fittings meeting all Health and Safety laws within the required timescales.- A competently trained driver/operator who can drive, set up and run the facility.- Installation and access of

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