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The contract is for the management of the Motorsport Academy to be supplied to the UK motorsport industry, education providers and individuals working or wanting to work within the motorsport industry. The contract will cover: the marketing of the Motorsport Academy, the diagnosis of industry education and skills requirements, the quality control of education and training products and services for the motorsport industry through the development and delivery of benchmarking criteria, a quality control process and the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) standards, the co-ordination and guidance of development and delivery of appropriate education and training products by the education providers, the development and management of partnerships with other motorsport industry education and skills stakeholders, the development and management of a publicly accessible online education and skills knowledgebase covering such information as lists of education providers and courses available, a library of motorsport industry education related documents such as best practice guidelines, research, proceedings, case studies and courseware, the management and ongoing development of the careers knowledgebase covering recruitment brokerage, best practices and guidelines for career progression, Human Resource and Employment support documentation for companies with the motorsport industry. In addition to the above the contract will also involve: Working with and the influencing of other government departments and organisations to ensure a coordinated approach to education and skills within the motorsport industry is maintained, Raising other funding and adoption of a sustainable business model to ensure the Motorsport Academy continues into the future after the initial 4 years of funding is completed.

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