GCP/KYR/012/FIN:Procurement of Small equipment for fish processing units to Ton and Tyup rayons of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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Closed 21 days ago
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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) invites you to submit an offer for the procurement of Small equipment for fish processing units to be delivered in Ton and Tyup rayons of the Kyrgyz Republic. o Detailed description of commodity and quantity : Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kits: 1. Floor scales - 2 pcs; 2. Table scales - 2 pcs; 3. Desktop vacuum packer - 2 pcs; 4. Cutting table with a built-in sink - 2 pcs; 5. Cutting table (1600mm x 760mm) - 4 pcs; 6. Industrial bath with a stainless steel side - 2 pcs; 7. Plastic containers (borogplast or similar) for sorting / storing fish - 2 pcs; o Delivery Times: within 2 weeks after issuance FAO Purchase Order but not later than 6 August 2020 o Destination country/countries – DAP (incoterms DAP 2010: Bokonbaevo village of Ton raion of Issykul oblast and Tyup village Tyup raion of Issykul oblast of the Kyrgyz Republic; If you are interested in submitting an offer, please make sure to have, at least, a UNGM Basic Registration with FAO (www.ungm.org). Instructions on how to access FAO tender documents through UNGM are attached to the present Notice under the “DOCUMENTS” tab; please follow these instructions when submitting your bid. Mandatory requirements / documents: a) Registration on the United Nations Global Market (UNGM); b) Legal entity certificate from the relevant authority (enclose a copy); c) Duly Accomplished Technical Specifications Form as provided in Appendix “I”. d) Duly Accomplished Financial proposal form as provided in Appendix “II” e) Duly Accomplished Bid Submission Letter as provided in Appendix “III” f) Full acceptance of the FAO General Terms and Conditions for Goods. OFFERS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED IF SUBMITTED THROUGH THE UNGM PORTAL. OFFERS and CORRESPONDANCE NOT SUBMITTED THROUGH THE UNGM PORTAL WILL BE INVALIDATED. Many thanks and best regards, FAO PROCUREMENT SERVICE

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