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Provision of Long Term Air Charter Services on a Stand-By (non-exclusive) basis, for Passenger transport, Air Ambulance service or Medevac capabilities, to be used in support of United Nations in South Asian and South East Asian region. While the interested operators may decide on the Main Operations Bases (MOB) for their proposed aircraft, the operator should, on a short notice, be able to fly within and in/out of the following Countries and countries en-route.

A. South Asian region: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and neighbouring countries.
B. South East Asian region: Cambodia, Loas, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, East Timore, Brunai and neighboring countries.

The Operator must be able to provide the following services:
• Passenger Carriage, Air Ambulance services, Medevac in support of the United Nations. The Aircraft must be appropriately equipped with Air ambulance operations (medical equipment and personnel). The operator will perform Air ambulance services for the United Nations to medical facilities in near by locations as designated by the UN.
• Pax/VIP or Medevac services, or the combination of both services, supporting the above on behalf of the United Nations.

Technical Specifications:
• Aircraft should have full lavatory facilities.
• Aircraft and crew must be certified for RVSM operations, if applicable.
• Multi Engine Jet or high speed Turbo Prop.
• High altitude, Hot weather and Heavy operations capable.
• Aircraft capable of day/night VFR and IFR (all weather operations).
• All dangerous goods transported by air must be carried in compliance with ICAO Doc 9284. Typical Dangerous Goods include fuel, compressed gases, medical supplies, batteries and ammunition.
• The Carrier is required to be self-sufficient when tasked outside of the Mission area. Carriers are required to have the back office capability to secure and pay for their own over-flight and landing permits, ground handling, Jet-A1 fuel and crew accommodation in/out of mission area flights.
• When required, Field self-start capability (APU or Portable GPU) and capability to independently operate all systems and subsystems of the aircraft (i.e. cargo door, ramp, stairs etc.), if applicable.

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