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1.The United Nations (UN) Secretariat is mandated to provide a variety of air charter services that ensure safe, reliable and cost effective air transportation in support of UN operations. The United Nations Procurement Division (UN/PD) is responsible for procurement of such air charter services in support of UN field missions, based on technical and operational requirements set forth by the UN Department of Operational Support.

2. On behalf of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), the United Nations Headquarters may establish a contract with an air operator for the provision of three (3) heavy lift helicopters. The services are expected to be required for a period of one (1) year with an option to extend the contract, in the UN’s sole discretion, for two (2) optional one (1) year periods. The aircraft shall be based in Juba and Wau. The operating area will include all countries globally.

3. Air transportation services required by the UN to support UN Peacekeeping Activities, mandated by the Security Council, include Cargo Transport, Recce, CASEVAC/MEDEVAC and SAR (in emergency situations only), and Passenter Transport point-to-point (in emergency situations only).

4. Aircraft must be capable of logistic re-supply missions (including carriage of general vehicles, trucks, armored vehicle, cranes and MHE) using internal loads, capable to carry or lift a payload of minimum 12000 kgs, as well as be able to transport a 20 feet ISO container weighing up to 10,000 kgs externally. Additionally, such aircraft must be fitted with self-contained cargo handling equipment/system capable of internal or loading/off-loading a 20 feet ISO container. Should the carrier offer an aircraft with more than the minimum required capacity, the UN may utilize such additional capacity. Insurance coverage and all necessary certifications and authorizations must allow for the utilization of the total capacity of the aircraft.

The aircraft will be used in UNMISS, South Sudan (and possibly other parts of Africa and the world) and should comply with generic standards as follows:

a. Cargo transport: Complete with proper air certified cargo nets, tie-downs and straps for the payloads carried. For internal cargo complete with proper tie-downs and straps, and for external loads with a cargo hook, slings and cargo nets for the payloads carried. Aircraft must be fitted with self-contained cargo handling equipment/system capable of internal loading/off-loading of a 20 feet ISO container weighing a minimum of 12,000kgs.

b. Maintained in an airworthy condition iaw the manufacturer's specifications and Annex 6, Part I, Chapter 8 to the Convention. Corrosion preventive measures will be required for those aircraft operating in those environments where metal is most vulnerable. Aircraft parts, including tyres, must be replaced iaw the manufacturer’s standards.

c. Certified airworthy by the State of Registry iaw the applicable standards described in Annex 8 to the Convention.

d. High/Hot/Heavy operations capable. Aircraft must be able to conduct normal flight operations with OAT of 45 degrees Celsius at sea level. Operated in compliance with Annex 6, Part III to the Convention.

e. All dangerous goods transported by air must be carried in compliance with ICAO Doc 9284. Typical Dangerous Goods include fuel, compressed gases, medical supplies, batteries, and ammunition.

f. Aircraft must be equipped with TCAS II

6. Responses to this Request for Expression of Interest should come from companies with proven experience for projects of similar scope and profile. Because of the highly dynamic nature of the flight operations in the UN Field Missions specialized and extensive breadth of this project, Air Operators are expected to have substantial and proven record of accomplishment and demonstrable expertise in the required disciplines.

7. The Vendor Response Form must be completed in full. Please also indicate the type of aircraft available for the requirement. The UN reserves the right to reject Expressions of Interest documents that are incomplete, or are received after the stated deadline. The Procurement Division reserves the right to change or cancel this request at any time.

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