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Please note that this contract will be subject to planning permission prior to confirmation of the contract. Abernethy National Nature Reserve (NNR) is located on the southern edge of the village of Nethybridge, 14 kilometres (9 miles) northeast of Aviemore in Badenoch and Strathspey. The Dell Woods section of Abernethy NNR - is owned and managed by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and forms part of the much larger Abernethy NNR, the largest remnant of an ancient native pinewood which once covered the foothills of the Cairngorms. Quotations are being sought for the upgrading of two existing paths to all abilities standard as per the “Countryside for All Good Practice Guide” compiled by the Fieldfare Trust. The total distance is approximately 2.1 Km and both paths are continuous. These paths already form part of the footpath network within the Dell Woods part of the Abernethy NNR and access is from the Culvardie Road within Nethybridge. There is also one small section of path which will require complete construction to avoid a small knoll and this distance is approx. 40 metres. The following work will be required: The scraping off of organic matter and provision of surface material to provide a finished path surface that is firm and compacted. Any loose stones and chippings must not cover the whole surface. The surface material should be no bigger than 10mm. The path width will be 1500mm. Where the above path width is not possible, permitted width restrictions of 815mm for no more than 300mm along path and 915mm for no more than 1600mm along path will be accepted. There will be no steps, stiles, fences, hedges or walls along the path which might restrict access. Passing places will be situated every 150m. The location of passing places will be agreed between the successful contractor and the Project Officer. The passing places will be 2000mm long and 1500mm wide. Construction of resting points of area 4m2 at suitable locations not more than 300m apart with 200mm imported sub-base and 25mm quarry dust compacted to form a 1:35 centre camber / cross fall. Incorporate informal block stone or log perches set at varying heights 500mm-750mm above path surface. Number to be agreed at site visit. The slope across the path will be a maximum of 1:35. Any incline on the path will be a maximum of 1:10. Gradient to be suitable for wheelchair users, ambulant disabled people and people with limited stamina, as per item 1.9 and 1.10 below. Landings (i.e. flat areas on slopes) will be provided every 9.5m for a vertical climb of 950mm. Landings should be 1200mm wide by 1500mm long. Any breaks in the path surface will be a maximum width of 12mm. For the 40 metre path construction the following work will also be required: The path line will be excavated or scraped to remove any organic matter. The path should then be constructed with 200mm-500mm of sub-base on geo-textile (if required), compacted to form a 1:35 centre camber/cross fall. The contractor shall advise on the depth of sub-base required and whether or not there is a requirement for a geotextile such as Terram 1000 to be used. Distance to be constructed is approx. 40 metres. The path will be surfaced with a 25mm layer of quarry dust of maximum particle size 6mm compacted to form a 1:35 centre camber as appropriate with a consistent even surface regularity with no high points or hollows. The margins of the path should be narrowed in using turf and spoil to the final specified width of 1.5m. The camber of the path surface should allow water to shed from the path surface on to the verge unimpeded by vegetation. For wheel chair users, the path must be level or ramped. Gradients less than 1:20 (5%) are not ramps. Gradients greater than 1:20 are ramps and must comply with the following specification. Ramps need flat, horizontal landings at least 1500mm wide by 1500mm long. Landings must be provided for every 750mm of vertical climb on slopes with a gradient steeper than

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