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38434510 - Cytometers

Thomas Hasson
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Additional CPV Codes: 33793000, 38437000, 33696000, 33000000, 33100000 The University of Birmingham invites tenders for the provision of flow cytometry instrumentation and reagents for the Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service (Immunophenotyping laboratory). Clinical flow cytometry is performed in the Clinical Immunology Service. The haemato-oncology immunophenotyping laboratory offers a specialist referral service for Adult and Paediatric patients. The tender: The tender response must be structured to allow easy reference to the numbered points in this document. Responses are required to all points or an explanation given for its absence. At least two separate flow cytometry systems are required, sited in the Haemato-Oncology immuno phenotyping laboratory. Pre analytical automation should be included in the tender process with costs for available configurations clearly stated. Cost per tube for pre analytical processing must be stated • Costs must be shown in the Pricing Schedule for the following options; 1. Scenario 1: Purchase via Antibody (Ab) Reagent rental (5 years and option for 7 years) 2. Scenario 2: Lease agreement of instrument with Ab reagent rental (5 + 2 years) 3. Scenario 3: Outright instrument purchase and Ab Reagent rental (5 + 2 years) 4. Scenario 4: Outright instrument purchase only • The supplier should assume an annual workload increase of 10% over the lifetime of the contract and must confirm that the system tendered will accommodate such an increase • The Pricing Schedule must include costs for all recommended internal QC analyses and associated multilevel Q.C. reagents for internal QC and calibrations. • The Pricing Schedule must include the cost for interfacing either directly or through middleware to the HIS network (DXC Telepath) • The Pricing Schedule must assume that rate of inflation price increases are linked to HSPI. • The Pricing Schedule must include options for cost per reportable result (CPRR). • Any minor laboratory alteration required to install the equipment must also be included and stated. • The life expectancy for all equipment must be stated. Where new equipment becomes available within the contract period that may have a positive impact on sample analysis, or workflow; this must be made available. • Service must be included based on a 24 hour maximum down time. Suppliers must state the maximum time between the order being placed and having the equipment ready for verification and validation • A catalogue of all consumable reagents must be made available for upload to the University's procurement system (Currently Proactis/Science Warehouse) • Software for tracking reagent inventory etc. should be made available. Scope: Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service The Haemato-Oncology Diagnostic Service (HODS) is a regional specialist integrated diagnostic and follow-up service for Haematological neoplasms. Currently the unit serves a population of approx. 1.8million, however through a recent tendering process this population base is likely to increase to approx. 3.5million or more. The HODS tender should be based on the current workload (figures provided) which is based on the lower population (1.8million). However, provision for a significant increase in workload should be taken into account and included within the response where appropriate. The following specification applies to the flow cytometers to be located in the Haemato-Oncology / Immunophenotyping service. • Solutions for refining the whole workflow process through pre-analytical, analytical, post analytical phases are sought • Where multiples of hardware/software are included they must be of identical specification to allow seamless cross platform use. • Provision for equipment 'refresh' and staff training (where appropriate), must be included when new release

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