Management, Printing and Fitting of VillaGaiety Promotional Sites

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Jo Morphet
United Kingdom


Please find attached documentation for a quick quote competition to provide Management, Printing and Fitting of VillaGaiety Promotional Sites to the Department of Education, Sport and Culture (VillaGaiety) to be carried out between Monday 14th September 2020 and Wednesday 13th September 2023.
The attached documentation consists of:
- The Quick Quote Request Document - VG Poster Sites
The Quick Quote will remain available on the Portal for Expressions of Interest until noon (12.00 hrs) on Friday 7th August 2020 and the deadline for submissions is noon (12.00 hrs) on Friday 14th August 2020 and your response must be submitted through the portal by this deadline.
Once you have selected `Express Interest` a `Quote Documents` tab will appear and this is where you will find the above mentioned documents.
After the above deadline the Portal will `Lock-Out` and no further submissions can be made.
If your organisation does not wish to submit a response to provide these services, please select `Opt-Out` and select a reason. You can also choose to stop receiving correspondence on this screen.
Please note, unless otherwise advised, all Quick Quote Competitions will be subject to the Isle of Man Government Standard Terms & Conditions for Goods and/or Services, a copy of which can be found under the `Supplier Information & Privacy Policies` tab.

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