Project Maunga Stage 2 - Fittings, Fixtures, and Equipment

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Kate Parkinson,, (06) 753 6139 EXT: 7157
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Project Maunga Stage 2 is an investment into the future of the growing Taranaki community. To
achieve this, TDHB is seeking furniture, fixtures and equipment to complement the first-class health
care facility we are developing covering areas that include but not limited to office spaces, common
areas such as waiting and family room spaces, clinical treatment spaces and clinical support spaces.
Any furniture or equipment will need to be fit-for-purpose, enhance comfort, safety, and durability,
and be aesthetically pleasing.
Specifically, we are looking for:
• Cleaning and hygiene equipment including: chemical dispensers, consumable dispensers for
PPE, gloves, soap
• Curtains and blinds: privacy curtains, shower curtains, window blinds, roller blinds, and their
mechanical equipment
• Whiteware: fridges, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves
• Furniture: office and waiting room chairs, tables, benches, clocks, desks, drawers, cabinets
• IT and Electronics: TVs, computer monitors, desktops, phones, thin clients,
telecommunications racks, patch panels
• Clinical equipment that supplements our current clinical fleet such as: ECGs, diagnostic set,
surgical pendants, exam lights, fluid and blanket warming devices, defibrillators, trolleys,
laboratory extraction hoods, laboratory analysers, patient bed and mattresses, scales,
patient transfer devices, and sanitizers.

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