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Gas detection is a vital part of Fire and Emergency’s ability to perform our core function of hazardous substances (hazsubs) response. As scientific and medical research expands we become more aware of the action of toxic products of combustion on our firefighter’s health and wellbeing. We want to extend this reactive problem-solving ability into a proactive approach towards protecting our personnel.
Both the firefighting environment and the legislation surrounding our work have evolved significantly since the NZ fire service attended a multiple fatality sewer poisoning 20 years ago in Auckland.
We seek a set of active panel partners to allow us to detect gases known to gas harm via inhalation, particularly those created by combustion of modern building and furnishing materials. We are also seeking information about who can assist us to increase our capability to handle common toxic industrial gases.
With this new acquisition, Fire and Emergency want to ensure that the next generation of gas detection meets the current operational requirements, whilst retaining the flexibility required to scale for emerging needs. To do this we have identified via research and evaluation, the user-friendly functions required to ensure organisational compliance via end user acceptance.
We are looking to appoint a small open panel of suppliers, who can supply Fire and Emergency with gas detectors over the next 10 years. The panel will have streams, for each gas detection capability or device Stream One is for Personal Gas Monitors (5 Gas), Stream Two is for Carbon Monoxide Monitors, and then a future services stream. The panel streams will operate on a preferred supplier list basis, with the top ranked supplier in each capability list getting the majority of that business. When Fire and Emergency requires a new gas capability, it will go first to the members of the future services stream of the panel and source from this list via a secondary procurement process. Once the selected suppliers are chosen, we wish to work closely to determine how the future state will develop with our purpose of protecting and preserving lives, property, and the environment.
The information in this document is aimed at providing you with as much context possible so that you can put your best response forward.
Part of choosing a panel selection process is to support Fire and Emergency’s desire to identify the exposure hazards to our frontline and investigation personnel.

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