Frame agreement for supplies and services linked with customer Equipment and Peripherals of bpost.

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Closed 1354 days ago
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bpost is looking for a partner for the supplies and services linked with client Equipment and Peripherals of its employees.

The client Equipment and Peripherals in scope are equipment of any kind that can be placed in any of the following categories:
- Computing devices: Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones...
- Printing devices: Printers, label printers, multifunctionals, scanners…
- Sensing/displaying devices: Computer displays, other displays, monitors, projectors, scales, OCR equipment, sensors…
- Scanning devices: label scanners, QR scanners, RFID scanners…
- Spare parts and consumables
- Other innovative technologies

The Candidate must also be able to provide its services, directly or through a partnership, in the following regions: EMEA, APAC and NA.

Next to supply, the services linked to the Equipment and Peripherals in scope that are requested under the tender are the following:

• Preparation and installation
• Warehouse management and deliveries to end-users.
• Warranty and repair
• Disposal and recycling

bpost, reserves the right to act as a central purchasing body within the meaning of Article 2, 4 ° of the Act of 15 June 2006 on public contracts and certain contracts for works, supplies and services.
bpost may, in particular, act as a central purchasing body for its affiliates within the meaning of Article 11 of the Belgian Companies Code, whose registered offices are located in Belgium as well as for its affiliated companies whose registered offices are located abroad, in this Selection File identified jointly as ‘Affiliates’.
The above-mentioned Affiliates, through their accession to the Public Contract, make voluntary application of the Public Procurement Law. Following the award decision, these Affiliates - like bpost itself - will have the opportunity to place concrete orders for services based on the Framework Agreement.

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