Design and Print Services for Corporate Publications and other Printer Materials.

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About the Opportunity: Contractors will be expected to support the Council in delivering services that supports a best value approach as defined by the UK Government. This contract is for the development of our communities strategy with the design and print of corporate publications and other printed publicity materials. Other printed materials includes but not limited to: posters, leaflets, tenant and lessee handbooks, staff handbooks, corporate folders, signage, brochures, business cards, event tickets, mailshots, tenancy forms, calling cards. The products and services to be produced are: - Design, print and distribution of corporate publications and other printed publicity materials. - Provide electronic files of publication and printed materials for web use. The intention is for services to commence April 2010. We aim to produce a short list of 10 suppliers will be selected and 5 from here will be invited to tender. We will appoint a panel of 3 suppliers. About the buyer's selection process: To maximise the effectiveness of our corporate brand and communications, the brand itself must be understood by all key audiences, tenants, residents, business partners, regulators, employees, the media, and all other groups that determine the viability of our organisation to do business. Important factors in the selection process will be experience of similar services, experience of team in working with similar clients, cost and ability to meet time scales. About the buyer: CityWest Homes in an arms length management organisation wholly owned by Westminster City Council. CityWest Homes on behalf of Westminster City Council invites expressions of interest to tender for the provision of Design Services, Print Services and Design and Print Services for our corporate publications and other printed materials to support our corporate brand.

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