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The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
United Kingdom


BBC Studios is advertising an opportunity to provide visual effects for a new Natural History production. If you are interested in being considered to supply these services please register your organisation (if you are not already) on bbc.bravosolution.co.uk.

In order to receive access to the Invitation to Tender you will need to submit a showreel to rebecca.chisholm@bbc.co.uk that demonstrates the following:

- Production of Mammals with Fur
- Production of Reptilian Creatures with Scales
- Creatures must have features in large scale productions
- Realistic Landscapes and Maps
- Scientific, Illustrative animations centred around physical anatomy of Humans and/or Animals

Please submit this showreel to rebecca.chisholm@bbc.co.uk as soon as possible from the opening of the opportunity – once we have validated your showreel you will be asked to accept an NDA and then you will be given access to the full tender information, so the sooner you send in your showreel the more time you will have to prepare your written tender response.

The deadline for written responses is July 22nd 16:00.

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